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The old analog video surveillance systems increasingly present more inconveniences to companies, especially when compared to IP video surveillance systems . These IP systems are easy to install, they are a scalable tool, they integrate easily with other systems and they offer a lot of security .

For all the advantages that this technology offers, companies have been betting on IP video surveillance for years. And in the case of LANACCESS, to drive this migration we have hybrid video recorders . In addition, there is a need to be able to manage hundreds of cameras from a single recorder.

Companies are increasingly implementing IP video surveillance systems, but not all have advanced recorders such as the LANACCESS HM Cluster.

What benefits do LANACCESS HM Cluster IP recorders bring to companies?

Here are five key benefits these recorders bring to organizations:

Robustness and reliability

HM Cluster provides an optimal format for hard drives and thus stores video sequences without the fragmentation of Windows and Linux files. In addition, if the equipment detects any malfunction of a component, it immediately alerts the control center to be able to take the appropriate measures.

LANACCESS recorders offer great security against computer attacks , since they are not affected by massive viruses that attack Windows or Linux and do not suffer from blockages like PC-based computers. It also has a software and hardware watchdog and automatic restart procedures for system components.

Energy saving

The recorder consumes 60% less power than equivalent PC-based recorders.

It is estimated that with HM Cluster a company is able to avoid an annual emission of 0.8 tons of CO2 per recorder, in addition to saving around 240 euros on the electricity bill.

High density

HM Cluster provides companies with a high-density recording solution allowing the recording of up to 150 or 250 IP cameras in just a 2U or 4U rack.

Each of our recorders is capable of recording video streams of up to 300 or 500 Mbps of bandwidth depending on the model.

High fault tolerance

HM Cluster has a very high fault tolerance and can accommodate up to 5 CPUs , which can work in internal redundancy. In addition, it has a redundant power supply and recording in mirror (RAID1) or dynamic RAID, more suitable than RAID5 and RAID6 in critical security applications, especially when maintenance operators are not permanently on premises.

Bad disks, CPU cards, or power supply module can be hot-removed quickly and easily.

Automatic balancing and failover

LANACCESS recorders can be configured in various automatic balancing modes: “1 + 1” balancing or “N + 1” balancing .

Typically, the recorders in “1 + 1” mode perform load balancing, working at 50% of their capacity and automatically recording the video streams of your partner in case they are no longer available.

The “N + 1” balancing can be done between CPUs of the same equipment or by means of an additional recorder, which is available to take over from “N” active CPUs or recorders if one of them is no longer available.

Our recorders are perfect for companies in different sectors , such as banking, railways, highways, casinos, hospitals, factories, museums, prisons, gas pipelines, shops, airports or ports.

The recorders LANACCESS are the best option they have at their disposal organizations to implement an advanced video surveillance system and take advantage of the benefits of Digital Transformation.

May 2022