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Despite the fact that crimes against financial institutions are moving, in recent years, to the online environment, bank branches continue to be exposed to robberies and robberies. According to police sources, in 2018 there were 139 robberies in Spanish financial institutions. Furthermore, ATM robberies are on the rise, with “the Lebanese bond” being one of the most popular today. A technique that consists of placing a trap in the ATM’s card slot to retain the card and discover the card number and PIN.

Many of these crimes that occur in banks, do so despite having video surveillance systems. The explanation for this phenomenon is that they are based on programs that work with Windows or Linux Operating Systems, exposed to vulnerabilities. Criminals identify vulnerabilities in these systems and deactivate the camera so that thieves can access the interior of the bank without being seen.

To avoid these criminal acts, banks need to implement innovative solutions such as those proposed by LANACCESS, developed with a customized operating system that offers maximum security against external attacks .

What are the devices used in our video surveillance solution for banks?

Our solution uses different elements to manage video surveillance in banks :

Control center

Companies need innovative video surveillance systems with a Control Center that is responsible for the configuration of the platform (Action plans, supervision rounds, users, permissions, recorders, centers, tasks, cameras, etc.).

In addition, this device structures and interacts with the components of the entire installation and manages the recordings, visualizations, maps, alerts and events and the history of alerts and calls.


The supervisor conducts a scheduled or immediate execution of equipment supervision rounds. The most prominent advantage is that it provides full control of the entire video surveillance system.

Web Report

Web Report offers a graphical visualization in real time of the complete status of the park.

The most outstanding benefits of a video surveillance system for a bank are that it allows monitoring of both video recorders and cameras, that it offers detailed information (model, brand, firmware, location …) and that it improves maintenance service .

Technical events (HW)

The technical events (HW) allow a prepametrized and proactive workflow that warns of the events related to the hardware indicated in the two previous sections. These alerts go directly to the solution and can also be sent via email.

Face detection

The Face Detection is a solution that makes it possible to detect people to extract their biometric information. In a bank it has multiple applications to identify people in cases of intrusion or to obtain statistics on the influx of people.

The main advantage is that you immediately get a list of the faces of the people who have entered the office and you can directly access the fragment of the video recording of the moment you entered.

Smart monitor

Smart Monitor is a device that allows you to connect the camera to a screen to be able to manage the recordings and view everything they have captured.

The main advantages of this solution is that it eliminates the limitation of distance between the recorder and the monitor; eliminates the need for a monitoring PC and eliminates the risk of malware infection.

Smart Touch Panel

Smart Touch Panel is a 10-inch PoE touch screen that is responsible for monitoring and managing IP cameras and recorders without the need to use a PC.

It offers different advantages to companies such as an easy Plug & Play installation with the recorder (as if it were an IP camera) or integration with IP video doorphones to be able to receive calls and control the contact output, among others.

Smart wall

Smart Wall is a multi-monitor video display system with traditional videowall functions and capabilities. This device stands out for allowing the creation of monitoring centers in a simple way.

Video Wall

The Video Wall is a virtual surface management panel to show different video sources (video streams, capturers, VNC’s, HTML’s) configured according to layouts.

Companies are interested in implementing it because it offers a very intuitive interface , the parameterization is simple and the layouts are preconfigured or activated automatically.

If you need an advanced video surveillance system for banks, LANACCESS offers you a safe, smart and profitable solution.

June 2022