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The most secure, intelligent, profitable video surveillance solution

LANACCESS has been in this market for over 25 years and has a team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise in communications, electronics, embedded systems, software development, smart analysis and video.

  • We manufacture hardware and software for the security market. We specialise in distributed video systems to view, transfer, store and manage security images.
  • We are successful in the security and video surveillance industry, especially for banking, transportation infrastructures, utilities, casinos, correctional facilities and government.
  • LANACCESS is a private company, with 100% private capital, and half of its staff work in hardware and software research and development.
  • We collaborate with Spanish and European technology research programmes.

A unique value proposition on the market

More secure

Immune to cyberattacks targeting Windows, Android and IOS on recording devices. Immune to attempts to control recording devices or cameras physically, instantly detecting problems and incidents, the system pro-actively warns users of these issues.


The system is proactive and thinks for the user, taking care of thousands of tedious, routine tasks so the user can spend its time on tasks with more value added and intervene only when the system warns of an event that requires attention. Better quality HW and SW: Made in Europe, better support, faster to install and maintain. LANACCESS plug-and-play for Onvif cameras makes it possible to mass set parameters for the whole installation.

More profitable

Thanks to the great durability of the equipment and the reduced maintenance they result in a better investment in the medium and long term. Our clients don’t waste hours managing maintenance on a computer (Windows updates, cyberattacks, etc.). Computers aren’t prepared for extreme environments (dusty, hot, power cuts, etc.). Our recording devices run our proprietary OS and are designed to be used in extreme conditions.

LANACCESS hardware and software solutions

LANACCESS is an expert in large video systems (with hundreds or thousands of cameras) and distributed video systems (the control centre and cameras are very far apart). Some of our banking clients are currently running systems with over 20,000 cameras. LANACCESS solutions are based on EMBEDDED architecture and our equipment is designed specifically for video security, unlike other systems that use general purpose equipment. This specialized equipment is the only solution that can provide the reliability, lack of issues, low power use and remote control/supervision needed for a security system

LANACCESS embedded technology

A good number of video recording devices on the market use general computer hardware with Windows or Linux operating systems. This architecture, designed to be user friendly, poses serious issues when used in unmanned facilities. These include high power use, CPU fans with a very limited lifespan that need constant replacement, greater exposure to computer viruses, OS software and device drivers that must be updated frequently, a hard drive that has to be defragmented, and a system that depends completely on the hard drive to start up.

LANACCESS solutions are based on EMBEDDED architecture and our equipment is designed specifically for video surveillance. They are the only solutions that can provide the reliability, lack of issues, low power consumption and remote control/supervision needed for a security system.

At the same time, LANACCESS has developed centralised viewing and management tools for remote equipment so that security staff can comfortably, easily manage the whole system from afar.


We make video management smarter, more secure and more profitable.


To become a benchmark in the security technology market, known for our good relationship with clients, solid solutions and ability to innovate.

  • Passionate about clients: we keep clients in mind in everything we do and are committed to their success.
  • Optimisation: we do more with less, in our solutions, in how we work and in how we improve.
  • Initiative: speed is vital; we take calculated risks and execute them quickly.
  • We think big: we are good and we are ambitious in our goals.
June 2022