David Gómez, interview in Security Notebooks for Sicur 2022
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From February 22 to 25 of this year, the International Security Fair, Sicur 2022, was held. As a result, our Marketing Director, David Gómez Mena , was interviewed by Cuadernos de Seguridad , one of the oldest publications in the sector. , in which all issues and topics related to the Securities market are addressed, analyzed and studied.

Between Sicur 2020 and Sicur 2022, the vision and concept of security has changed as a result of the pandemic. Do you face this new edition differently than you have done on previous occasions?

The world has really changed a lot between these two editions, and especially in our security sector, where it has been prioritized and valued both professionally and personally that it is vital to have the best solutions to protect ourselves.

Of course, our attitude and predisposition towards this new edition of SICUR is the same as always, to be able, on the one hand, to show our solutions (in this edition with many novelties) and, on the other hand, to meet again in person with clients, partners, associations, competitors and friends. of the sector.

What goals have you set for your attendance at this fair?

Our main objective is to be able to show our solutions in person, focusing on what’s new. Our solutions are used by the TOP companies in security and we want companies that need to improve their security to know us and thus be more secure thanks to Lanaccess.

Our portfolio is made up of video analytics , VMS , recorders and visualization solutions, in all families of solutions we present novelties and we want to show them during SICUR .

Another objective is to be able to share the joy with the entire sector for the anniversary of Lanaccess, we have completed 25 years. During all these years, something that has marked us is the capacity for innovation and quality service to our clients, these values ​​will not change, and will mean that in future editions we will celebrate many more anniversaries.

What innovative products and solutions will you present at Sicur 2022?

LAVA ANALYTICS is a disruptive and proactive video analytics solution that reduces false alarms by more than 90%. Its technology, entirely made in Spain by the Lanaccess team, also makes it flexible and customizable to meet the needs of our customers. customers.

LAVA ANALYTICS includes perimeter protection algorithms, behavior study, occupancy, object detection and facial recognition, among others, in addition to having Business Intelligence that allows data to be analyzed, both from a security and business point of view.

lava analytics

At a business level, could you explain to us what strategy and projects the company plans to tackle in 2022?

In addition to the new product lines that we are launching, we are carrying out an international expansion that has led us to open the Latin American Headquarters in Mexico City , enter the Asian market and continue steadily on our way through Europe, without neglecting our course the Spanish market where we are the reference within some strategic sectors.

Looking to the future, what technologies and innovations will be implemented in security solutions and products?

The innovation gene is in our DNA, and we are working in several areas, but where we are focusing more and we see that it provides more results in less time, and also some of our clients who are already using it with our solutions, is in artificial intelligence. The differential leap with respect to previous traditional solutions is enormous.

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