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Safety in the railway sector is in question and for years the city councils of the stations with the most accidents have demanded that the Spanish Government abolish level crossings. In this context, solutions have emerged that improve the safety of users at the crossroads.

Lanaccess has developed a unique algorithm, LAVA RAILS , for its advanced video surveillance solution that increases user safety at train stations .

What is LAVA RAILS and how does it work?

LAVA RAILS is the neural network (Artificial Intelligence) -based neural network-based detection analytics for the railway sector that includes Lanaccess’s advanced video surveillance solution.

This solution offers the following functionalities:


LAVA-RAILS is an algorithm that includes LAVA-PROTECT , which makes it possible to discard alarms due to the presence of a train, detect on the platforms a person who falls into a track box or an individual who voluntarily crosses the track.

In addition, this exclusive analytics of our video surveillance solution deactivates the alarm alerts when the person who has detected the system is inside, getting on or off the train. In this way, false alarms are avoided.

2.- Accurate detection of people and vehicles

The solution is capable of accurately detecting people who are loitering on the tracks and cars that cross a level crossing thanks to advanced Deep-Learning technology.

3.- Real-time alerts and visual verification

Thanks to this system, the video surveillance solution is capable of sending alarms when the incident occurs so that the station’s security officers can act sooner to solve the problem. With this algorithm, professionals can manage incidents through a simple interface and view the recording to verify that it is not a false alarm.

With LAVA RAILS, companies and institutions in the railway sector that trust in the Lanaccess video surveillance solution can be more calm, since, in addition to benefiting from the exclusive advantages, they can take advantage of the main benefits of an advanced video surveillance system .



The advantages of an advanced video surveillance solution in the railway sector

These are the most prominent benefits:

1.- Rapid response to incidents

The implementation of intelligent automated systems in railway stations improves the safety of users, since it allows detecting before all incidents that occur.

Events such as the entrance of people to the tunnels or the fall of users to the roads are notified in real time to those responsible for security so that they can make the best decision quickly.

2.- Flexibility

With an advanced video surveillance system, security managers no longer have to be fixed at their checkpoint to receive alerts or check the status of the roads.

Thanks to the ability of these systems to be managed from mobile devices, professionals can be making rounds around the station and receive alerts as if they were in the control center.

3.- Scalability

Any company in the railway sector can implement an advanced video surveillance solution, as these are adapted to their needs.

It does not matter if it is a small station with two or three security cameras or a large installation with more than a hundred cameras.

Lanaccess offers the best solution for your company in the railway sector, thanks to its exclusive LAVA RAILS technology.