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In a context marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has greatly improved the security systems of companies and has become an essential ally for operators and security managers to guarantee maximum protection for users.

The advance of infections in recent months, despite having an advanced vaccination, has put on the table in many companies the need for video surveillance devices and cameras with advanced functions , as well as solutions for the movement of customers.

These tools are currently necessary to expand the visibility of the security department and detect earlier when the capacity of a space is not adequate to avoid contagion.

What are the solutions for people counting and capacity?

These solutions are, mainly, intelligent video surveillance cameras or cameras with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or devices that are implemented in video recorders that have people counting capabilities that allow detecting the number of individuals that are in a space and sending signals alarm to restrict access to it.

Since their development, these smart technology tools have brought many benefits to companies.




Why your organization needs a solution for the co teo people and capacity? 

These are the most prominent benefits that these tools provide companies:

1.- Increased productivity of security personnel

Companies that implement advanced video surveillance systems with specific technology for counting people do not have to expressly assign a professional to control the capacity of the establishment.

Instead, your company managers can entrust you with other, more productive functions until you receive an alert.

2.- Improved decision making in the business

People counting systems provide valuable information that companies can use as invaluable statistical material to better understand the behavior of customers in a business or company.

Thanks to the statistical data collected by the counting solutions, companies can make better decisions about their own business, as well as hire backup personnel in certain time slots or assign fewer dependents in others. Key decisions to improve the organization’s net result.

3.- Guarantee of customer safety

In recent months we have verified how social distance continues to be essential to avoid COVID-19 infections. A measure that will have to continue to be applied until the global world in which we live is fully immunized.

In this scenario, security cameras with specific technology to allow or restrict the access of people to the establishment will be increasingly necessary.

In addition, beyond the coronavirus pandemic, controlling the capacity of a premises will also be necessary to guarantee the safety of users in certain facilities.

These solutions for the movement of customers are very beneficial for companies in different sectors such as banking, retail, transport or the health sector, among others.

If you want your company to benefit from all the advantages these tools offer, you have at your disposal Lanaccess solutions to control capacity based on Time Of Flight (TOF) cameras .

Why is your company interested in our TOF cameras?

TOF cameras have advanced technology to detect people with precision and great coverage.

The specific characteristics of these devices make it possible to design a 3D map and distinguish the access of two or more people who enter a space close together. In addition, they are effective in low light conditions, in shady environments or when there is a sudden change in lighting.

On the other hand, TOF cameras also include an intelligent monitor that indicates to users if the capacity is allowed or if, on the contrary, access is restricted.


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Lanaccess offers companies in any sector fundamental customer movement solutions so that organizations can adapt to the new reality and take advantage of all the benefits of digital transformation.

May 2022