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The security is one aspect that really value banks and users who come to them. For this reason, these companies are committed to video surveillance solutions that reduce crime in these spaces and provide even more security for customers.

However, not all video surveillance solutions offer the same benefits.

LANACCESS has first-class video recorders in its portfolio to increase the security of banking entities to the maximum , both in bank branches and ATMs. Nor should we forget that our company designs and manufactures its video recorders and that, therefore, for each client it is customized to their needs and, in addition, a specific video recorder designed exclusively for them is made.

Video recorders for banks

Our video recorders offer the optimal solution for the present and future needs of CCTV , recording and remote surveillance of bank offices .

They are designed and manufactured based on an embedded architecture (not PC) that offers maximum reliability and minimum consumption.

With the innovative compression offered by H264 and H265 technologies, our VCRs take high-quality images using less disk space .

They also offer a remote, agile and effective video surveillance and a connection of IP cameras through an internal Switch, with Plug & Play connection, which increases the security of access to IP cameras.

Benefits of LANACCESS video recorders

These are the main advantages they bring to this type of organization:

  • Quick setup: Our video recorders can be set up in minutes. You just have to provide the differential configuration data from one office to another and the rest of the parameters automatically. In this way, programming errors are avoided and configuration time is reduced.
  • Greater robustness and reliability. Our VCRs are more reliable than those based on PC technology. Hard drive formatting is carried out optimally and video streams are stored without Windows and Linux file fragmentation.
  • Absence of computer viruses. Based on a proprietary operating system, computer viruses do not affect LANACCESS video recorders.
  • Automatic monitoring. Our video recorders include Supervisor software to program and automatically generate reports of the situation of all installed equipment in an automatic, simple and precise way.
  • Incorporation of advanced switches designed for video surveillance. With these switches, Plug & Play IP cameras can be connected, without having to previously modify the factory settings, ensure access to the cameras, supervise their consumption, monitor them and even restart them by means of a power cut.
  • Meeting on a management and integration platform. The video recorders are part of a platform with multiple multi-screen operators and videowall display that can be integrated with many other devices such as alarm panels, IP intercom, IP public address and electronic locks.

The main types of VCRs used by our clients in the banking sector in various countries are mainly these two: a VCR for bank branches and a VCR for displaced ATMs.

Video recorders for bank branches

In most installations it is a hybrid and embedded video recorder for bank offices that is distinguished by the following:

  • Allow 4, 8, 16 or 24 analog cameras and up to 20 IP cameras.
  • Get images with higher definition and refreshment.
  • Make UPS supported sources available.
  • Filter “Forensics” a posteriori by movement.
  • Offer the possibility of including a PoE + CCTV switch for strict control of access to IP cameras, use of a single IP address per recorder and detection of spoofing of video sources.
  • Include Center Camera Technology.

The Centro Cámara technology that this video recorder incorporates offers different advantages to companies:

  • Optimal image quality. With this technology, the transmitted image quality can be optimized over limited bandwidths, without penalizing the recorded image quality.
  • Easy remote management and simple search of recordings: The video recorder includes a Control Center to view the different cameras individually, or all at the same time, with high refresh rates and minimizing the use of the bandwidth of the corporate network, both for real-time video as well as for recorded video.
  • “Forensics” functionality. With this function the operator can select an area of ​​the image and filter the recording by motion.

Video recorder for displaced tellers

It is an IP video recorder with integrated PoE switch that differs from other devices by the following points:

  • Supports up to four IP cameras.
  • It includes a 4-port PoE + CCTV switch with strict control of access to IP cameras, use of a single IP address per recorder and a detection of spoofing of video sources.
  • Allows integrations by SDK.

If you are interested in your company taking advantage of these advantages, you need to implement these video recorders. LANACCESS is the best ally to implement a smart, secure and profitable video surveillance solution for banks.

May 2022