Professional video surveillance solution for Energy

The energy sector trusts Lanaccess

Integral solution

Our team of engineers develops both the hardware and the software, in order to offer a comprehensive video surveillance solution.

It is a flexible and integrable solution that complies with the ONVIF protocol. This allows our recorders and VMS to easily manage both IP and analog cameras using our plug & play technology. This also allows our recorders to be easily managed from third party applications.

The Lanaccess development team also has the ability to integrate non-ONVIF solutions.

Thanks to our SDK and the open architecture of our software, it allows us to be integrated into the main CRAs, PSIMs, among other third-party solutions. We also have, for example, SNMP libraries or integrations with SCADA systems.

We know the specific needs of the energy sector

We adapt to the needs of our customers.

When the project has required it, specific modifications have also been made for the client, offering totally new video recorders, adaptations in the software or even the creation of intelligent video analytics developed with deep learning algorithms specific to the sector.

Competitive advantages:

  • We manage and optimize the use of communications bandwidth.
  • Possibility of redundant communications with 4G Router.
  • We allow you to remotely and intuitively manage thousands of cameras in hundreds of locations.
  • We adapt to all scenarios in the energy sector, from very small installations without conditioned CPDs, to large installations or corporate buildings.
  • The security managers have complete control of what happens in their facilities.



Protect analytics, is one of the analytics of the LAVA series, it is based on neural networks (Deep Learning), a model specially trained for detection that drastically reduces the number of false alarms. The solution can be integrated in our video recorders, in standalone hardware modules or in customer servers.

Intrusion detection analytics allows defining different zones to be analyzed per channel and detects the presence of people in the configured zones,

The solution works with both viewing cameras and thermal cameras.

Thanks to the tracking functionality, it is also possible to configure the following additional rules:

  • Loitering: you configure the seconds that a person must remain loitering within a defined area to generate an alarm.
  • Directional line crossing: In addition to zones, lines can be drawn. These lines can be bidirectional (generates an alarm when a person crosses that line in any direction), or directional (generates an alarm when a person crosses the line in the defined direction).

Unlike traditional analytics, analytics built into Lanaccess AI modules based on neural networks do not require camera calibration or scenarios.

Video recorders that adapt to the specific needs of each location

The energy sector has very heterogeneous facilities, the scenarios can be very different and that means that the required video recorders can vary greatly depending on the location. The two main scenarios that we have encountered have been:

  • Small installations in remote sites, without conditioned data centers, with limited bandwidth and with the possibility of extreme temperatures. In these locations, robustness and the possibility of having different sizes of video recorder depending on the number of cameras is vital. In addition, the use of the PoE + CCTV Switch to restart cameras, securing all the cameras connected to the video recorder or having an integrated SIM router are differential advantages of our video recorders.
  • Another scenario is large facilities and corporate buildings where bandwidth or weather conditions are not a problem. In addition, the IT and maintenance team are in the facilities unlike the previous scenario. The challenges in these locations are other, and for this we have HM Cluster, high-capacity embedded network video recorders, which allows us to create high-availability, scalable and modular systems.



Our video recorders have their own real-time operating system, protecting them from massive attacks that attack Windows devices (such as Wannacry) and / or Linux. If we also add the exclusive hardware design, we make it even more difficult to create specific viruses against Lanaccess systems.

The PoE + CCTV switch that video recorders incorporate is a very useful tool for cybersecurity. It allows you to completely isolate the IP cameras from the corporate network, and automatically monitor the connection of devices (if it detects that a camera has been replaced by another device, it can block the port automatically).

In addition, our NVRs have specific tools for detecting denial of service DDoS attacks.



Specific hardware:

Lanaccess designs and manufactures specific hardware for video recording, optimizing its components and resources, and thus obtaining:

  • Energy saving (consumption less than 15W).
  • Less heat dissipation (fanless).
  • Less breakdown rate and therefore lower maintenance costs

Specific firmware:

  • Increase in the useful life of discs, thanks to its own sequential writing system specially designed for video recording.
  • No prior formatting of disks is required in case of replacement. It allows hot swap making disk change easier.
  • Configurable so that it is only viewable in Lanaccess own systems, increasing the security of the stored information.

Locked camera detection and automatic IP camera reset thanks to the integrated switch. There is also the possibility of manual reset.

  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Facilitates early detection of incidents.
  • Improves the perception of quality by the user

Monitoring the entire system


Scheduled (or immediate) execution of equipment supervision rounds:

  • Status of cameras, IP connection, disks, inputs and outputs.
  • Capture recorded image.
  • Save settings.
  • Disc space.
  • Recording errors.
  • Hours and dates.
  • Reboots.
  • Temperature value.
  • Firmware and HW version.

Graphic display of the main incidents of the system:

  • It allows the monitoring of both video recorders and cameras.
  • It offers detailed information (model, brand, firmware, location …).
  • Improve maintenance service.

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