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Companies are increasingly betting on advanced video surveillance solutions, as they facilitate the work of security workers. Within these sophisticated systems, the VMS are part of the fundamental pieces. A video management software or VMS (Video Management Software) system is an essential tool, today, in a video surveillance system and its choice depends on the needs of the company.

At Lanaccess we have a quality VMS solution that offers organizations advanced features and different benefits.

What is the Lanaccess VMS for and what advantages does it bring?

Our VMS solution allows a global control of the CCTV system, including cameras, recorders, interphones and all those devices that make up the video surveillance solution.

In addition, it provides companies with exclusive advantages such as the following:

1.- Greater security. People and goods are safer with our solution, since, with it, the operator is able to have a more complete view of everything that happens in a space.

2.- More agility. Our VMS solution allows you to react faster, thanks to the automated processes included in the system. These allow you to proactively execute actions and anticipate the operator.

3.- Simplicity. Users who use our solution learn to use it faster, thanks to the fact that it is very simple and intuitive. This allows them to master all its functionalities in less time and benefit the company from all the benefits as soon as possible.

The Lanaccess VMS solution incorporates different modules that offer advanced functionalities.

What are the most important modules of our VMS solution?

The most prominent modules of our VMS are the following:

1.- Central Station. It is the main module of the solution and offers the main functionalities: real-time video, Viewing and downloading of recordings, Interactive maps, Security and technical alarm console, Video wall control and Intercom.

2.- Control panel. Essential module to configure and parameterize it according to your own requirements that allows you to register equipment, edit and manage permissions and users, and schedule maintenance tasks.

3.- State of the park. With our VMS solution an operator can know in real time and without complications the status of the different safety devices. You can obtain all the information related to cameras, recorders, wiring or any other element of CCTV through Web Report, Supervisor and Alarm Manager (Technical and security).

4.- Download server. An innovative system that allows automating the process of downloading recordings without losing performance by distributing the workload on different computers.

5.- Streaming server. This exclusive module of our solution allows viewing the video for remote users with a limited connection in bandwidth or viewing by multiple operators without duplicating flows and conserving the resources of low speed links.

6.- App. Our VMS includes an App that allows cybersecurity access to the viewing or recordings of the CCTV system at any time and place from any device with an internet connection.

7.- Integrations. Our VMS can be integrated with IP Cameras, IP Video Doorphones, IP Automatic Doors, IP Speakers, POS System (Points of Sale) and ATMs, IP Input and Output Modules and IP Infrared Spotlights.

In addition, Lanaccess has an SDK to integrate the company’s exclusive solutions on third-party platforms.

Lanaccess provides companies with the best VMS so that they can increase security to the maximum and take advantage of all the benefits of Digital Transformation.

August 2022