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The banking sector is undergoing many changes in recent years. Digital Transformation is redefining the way customers relate to their bank. But what has not changed has been the need for security. Banks continue to demand security solutions to increase their customers’ trust and continue to fuel their reputations .

They maintain the investment to fight against traditional threats (physical theft in banks, which remain constant) and emerging ones, such as attacks on ATMs and fraud in these devices.

Crime at ATMs on the rise

The conclusions of the Spanish Banking Association indicate, in its latest annual report, that entities are increasingly concerned about the increase in attacks on automated teller machines (ATMs).

A perception similar to that shown by those surveyed by the ATM Security Association in the ATAMIA Global Fraud and Security Survey 2019 report . In this document, participants reported a general increase in ATM crime. Specifically, this increase went from 54% in 2017 to 58% in 2018 . This represents a slight increase and maintains the upward trend.

According to this report, the main attacks suffered were robberies at ATMs , theft of the PIN code, fraud related to deposits, cash interceptions, card captures, wiretaps, theft of card data due to network hacking, among others.

To maintain the level of demand, advanced bank video surveillance systems are a must. In fact, customers are safer when they see security cameras at their bank.

Video surveillance increases the perception of security in a bank

According to a recent study on bank consumption habits by market research company Ipsos, a vast majority of US consumers want to see video surveillance at their bank branch and 93% would choose a bank with surveillance cameras over one without. .

Given this majority support for video surveillance systems, financial institutions would have to consider implementing such a solution.

Solutions that have evolved technologically to offer services that go beyond security , such as IP video surveillance systems, that can help banks improve operations and customer service, ultimately improving profitability.

With recent innovations in digital technology and IP surveillance, many banks are looking to increase the effectiveness of their security systems and improve customer service with state-of-the-art technology.

State-of-the-art video surveillance technology

The banks implement video surveillance solutions that offer higher image resolution and incorporating sophisticated features such as face detection or analysis of the behavior of users in banks. Video surveillance systems with the latest available technology such as those we offer at LANACCESS .

Advanced solutions that incorporate other outstanding innovations such as proprietary file systems that optimize disks, increase their useful life and improve their usability.

Technological innovation to improve the security of banking entities

Banking entities demand this type of technological solutions to maximize the security of the facilities and prevent thefts from occurring and help in the identification of suspects in the event of an incident.

Apart from these events, the bank offices suffer other ills. Identity fraud is a hot topic. To the extent that automatic teller machines (ATMs) are playing a greater role in the day-to-day running of branches, offenders manage to install fraudulent systems that steal customers’ credit and debit card credentials.

In these circumstances, an advanced video surveillance camera is key to analyzing the situation and discovering who installed this fraudulent system to take advantage of the bank’s clients.

But financial institutions also need video surveillance systems to improve the customer experience and care.

Technological innovation to improve customer service

Offering customers new services is a critical goal for most banks, and a smart video solution can help assess the success of these efforts.

The video, combined with transactions and analytical people counting data, can reveal what customers did once they entered a bank branch. Analyzing their behavior can rethink the entity’s marketing campaign at headquarters and relocate the posters in a different location to promote a higher conversion rate.

For this reason, video surveillance solutions with advanced analytical functions are increasingly in demand by banks.

Video surveillance systems with advanced analytics functionalities

Companies need advanced video surveillance solutions with analytics functions such as facial recognition, user behavior or people counting.

  • Facial recognition. Automatic face detection without identification is very useful for locating people at a point in the recording and making statistical reports on the influx of a space. LANACCESS is developing at this point an innovative technology for detecting covered faces to adapt the solution to the current Post-COVID-19 reality.
  • Behavior Analysis: The cameras Time-To-Flight (TOF) allows you to record the behavior of people who move into a space in real time. In this way, a bank can know the behavior of users in the branch and can offer them specific services, among other applications, when it deems appropriate.
  • People counting : Banking entities are increasingly demanding solutions with specific functionalities such as people counting to meet the demands of the new world that the Coronavirus pandemic has left us. Controlling the influx into public spaces is key to guaranteeing safety and this is now easily possible with the LANACCESS solution with TOF cameras . These cameras offer greater coverage than other systems and high reliability of the counting data.

Smart video surveillance solutions for more competitive banks

Banks are already using smart video surveillance solutions in a myriad of ways to improve security and the customer experience. At a time when many entities are transforming their physical locations, understanding where opportunities lie to improve customer service and business operations is an invaluable asset.

In addition, discovering where the main threats are with video surveillance systems with video and data analytics is a smart way to improve returns on investment in a technology that financial institutions increasingly demand to stay ahead of the competition.

If you also want your bank to benefit from innovative video surveillance systems, LANACCESS is your best ally to achieve it.

May 2022