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Companies increasingly demand advanced video surveillance solutions that allow the eyes of security guards to multiply to improve the protection of company assets and users.

The commitment of companies to security solutions is increasing. Key resources for the protection of companies that already include advanced display solutions such as the Lanaccess Smart Monitor .

What is the Lanaccess Smart Monitor and what does it offer businesses?

The Smart Monitor is a thin client (Thin client) that is used to manage video recorders or display ONVIF IP cameras without the need for a PC.

Through an intuitive interface the user can configure quadrants (up to a total of 24 cameras), make rounds, view recordings, download them and move the motorized cameras.

This device also has an HDMI output so that IP camera recordings or analog cameras can be viewed on a monitor.

The system also allows decoding the video from Megapixel IP cameras at 25 images per second.

Smart Monitor

Thanks to the advanced features of the Lanaccess Smart Monitor, businesses can benefit from many advantages.

The advantages of the Smart Monitor

These are the most prominent benefits:

Easy installation

The device, being small, can be attached to the monitor in a simple way . It communicates with video recorders and IP cameras over the IP network, which makes it easy to install.

Smart system

The device optimizes the bandwidth , since it only asks for the resolution of the image displayed on the monitor. This means that if you are viewing in a small window, only that resolution will be requested and not the full quality of the recorded image. This is done automatically thanks to the sophisticated capabilities it incorporates.

Works without the need for a computer

Smart Monitor does not have to be connected to a computer to function, which means that it only allows you to view real-time video and review recordings and not view unsafe web pages or movies.

Robust and reliable

The device is manufactured with embedded elements that increase its durability to the maximum and its reliability and robustness. It is reliable even in the most extreme conditions.

Remote update and management

For the greater peace of mind of the company’s IT staff, the device incorporates a web server that enables remote configuration and firmware update, among other settings such as changing the language or checking its status.

Management and integration platform

Smart Monitor is included in a client-server video management platform that offers multiple multi-screen operators and videowall visualization, among other elements, such as the video gateway or the supervisor to monitor the real-time status of the entire installed plant .

Eliminates the limitation or n distance between the recorder and monitor

INFECTION reduces the risk of it or n malware

The fact that it does not require a monitoring Windows PC makes Smart Monitor immune to massive viruses created specifically to attack this operating system.

All these advantages are found in the smart display device Smart Monitor from Lanaccess , a key solution for companies looking to modernize their video surveillance system.

Our company offers organizations the best video surveillance solutions so that they can protect their users and their assets to the maximum.

May 2022