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Video surveillance systems have evolved a lot in recent years and, thanks to the features they have introduced, they have become an essential ally for security personnel.

One of the best innovations that video surveillance systems have incorporated in recent years are multi-monitor or videowal l video display solutions .

Thanks to these innovations, companies and security guards can take advantage of many advantages.

What are the benefits of multi-monitor video display solutions?

These are the most outstanding advantages of having a videowall system in a video surveillance system :

1. High resistance

These monitors are designed to operate 24/7 and under adverse conditions . They do not require as much ventilation as conventional monitors and have a long duration.

2. Greater control

With videowall systems, a security guard can view more security cameras and take greater control of everything that happens in the company. The most advanced videowall systems allow the display of more than 20 monitors at the same time .

3. Productivity

Studies have shown that users who use more than one monitor to complete tasks complete tasks faster and more accurately than with a single monitor.

Companies that want to benefit from the advantages of having a videowall solution in their video surveillance system, have Lanaccess videowall controllers at their disposal .

What is our videowall solution?

Our videowall solution is made up of high-performance multimedia videowall controllers (IP video, capturers, VNC’s, HTML’s) on the Windows platform, equipped with one or more multi-monitor cards.

The videowall modules have modular software that has been optimized for video display and offers various benefits.

Why does your company need our videowall solution?

These are the most outstanding advantages that this solution offers to companies that are committed to its implementation:

  • Multiple monitor support

Our modules are available in different models with connectors for up to 24 monitors .

  • Monitors surface division

The solution allows the division of the monitor surface into regions with independent management or as a single region .

  • No limitation of cells to one monitor

Our modules enable there to be multiple cells in each region without any limitation.

  • Versatility of what allows to visualize each cell

The cells can show a camera, a sequence of cameras, or screens from other computers (via video capture or VNC), web pages and texts (scroll ticker).

  • Advanced video compression

The solution has H264, H265, MPEG4 and MPEG2 video compression algorithms .

  • Supports multi-vendor IP cameras

Our videowall modules are compatible with IP cameras from different manufacturers, megapixel and with the ONVIF protocol.

  • Extensive management capacity

The solution can be managed from the VMS CS + client application, from a security keyboard or joystick, or from third-party applications.

  • High capacity for viewing cameras

Our modules allow viewing up to 150 cameras simultaneously .

  • Integration capacity

Lanaccess provides SDKs to improve integration into current security systems.

  • Integration with IproNet

The solution is integrated with the IProNet video management system that features automatic import of video sources.

If you want to have a videowall solution that offers you all these advantages, Lanaccess provides you with the best solution for your video surveillance system.

May 2022