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The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona , ​​with more than 100 years of history, is a leading public health center in the city of Barcelona, ​​​​in Catalonia and in the world, with a clear desire for excellence in its three main areas of action: care, research and teaching. The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona is a public consortium formed by the Government of Catalonia (CatSalut) and the University of Barcelona.

The Clinic has 760 beds and 5,389 professionals. To understand the magnitude of the figures, we can indicate that in 2020 alone he performed almost 20,000 surgical interventions.

For a reference hospital such as the Clínic , the safety of its patients and employees is a priority.

The Hospital is a very busy center and a transit area for many citizens, where there is also equipment of high economic value, so having an effective video surveillance solution is vital both to prevent, dissuade and be able to investigate any illicit activity that takes place. can produce.

The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona has been working with Lanaccess for more than 15 years as its reference provider in professional video surveillance solutions . Especially valuing the support and closeness, and on the other hand the robustness and high specific functionality that adapts to your needs.

With the Lanaccess video management system (VMS), the institution manages more than 500 cameras, including IP cameras, but also analog cameras. The transition from analog to IP cameras is being carried out progressively, since Lanaccess has solutions to continue working with analog cameras, in the case of the Hospital Clínic the solution has been the use of encoders, in other clients this transition has been made with the use of hybrid video recorders.

Thanks to Lanaccess’s powerful VMS, they manage both real-time viewing and recordings, keeping total control of all the facilities associated with the Hospital Clínic .

It is important to indicate that the Hospital has several buildings distributed in the area, among these distributed auxiliary centers are research and assistance centers. Being able to have a centralized management that can coordinate all locations is of vital importance for the security department, since it allows for more efficient coordination of all security. On the one hand, there is that control center and on the other hand there are multiple distributed operator positions.

In the remote centers they have small and medium-sized video recorders, while in the main building they have HM Cluster video recorders .

Cluster video recorders are high-capacity embedded network recorders. The main characteristics of these devices are:

  • CPU´s: It has between 3 and 5 independent, hot-swappable and balanceable CPU´s.
  • Disks: Up to 4 HDs per CPU, up to 20 disk bays, hot-swappable. Configurable in RAID.
  • Power supply: hot-swappable redundant.

A feature that is highly appreciated by the security team is the monitoring of the state of the park. This functionality provides the state of the security devices in real time and in a simple way, thus improving the maintenance service, so that:

  • It allows the monitoring of both video recorders and cameras. Indicating in a very intuitive way when an anomalous situation is taking place.
  • It offers detailed information (model, brand, firmware, location, etc.).

Another functionality that they frequently use is the scheduled or immediate execution of equipment supervision rounds, offering total control of the entire video surveillance system. Coming to the detail of performing all these tasks:

  • Capture photos.
  • Disk status and statistics.
  • Input/output supervision.
  • Time check.
  • Firmware versions.

A basic point for the security department in order to have an optimal security solution has been the flexibility to be able to integrate different reference solutions, and an example of this is the integration between the Lanaccess Video Surveillance solution with the Dorlet Accesses .

At Lanaccess we continue to work continuously very close to the Hospital Clínic to continue offering high-quality solutions and with the same level of service offered for the last 15 years, so that we can continue to count on your trust for at least another 15 years.

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