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In the digital economy, the concept of Industry 4.0 has emerged and its namesake for the railway sector, Railway 4.0. Under this umbrella, different technologies have emerged to improve the sector in all aspects, such as advanced video surveillance. Advanced video surveillance has already established itself as an essential ally of safety in the railway sector . The European Commission is aware of this and, therefore, promotes the Shift2Rail program , one of the greatest incentives for the implementation of technological innovations in the sector. In this context, video surveillance cameras have become essential to provide key information to smart panels that station bosses visualize and to anticipate problems.

What are the benefits of smart panels in the railway sector?

The smart panels provide different benefits to businesses and institutions of the sector:

1.- Real-time data analysis to make better decisions

Station managers receive the relevant information they need to know the situation of the trains on the tracks, obtain an accurate picture of the behavior of users and monitor the work of employees, among other data.

Knowing all this information, immediately, puts those responsible for safety in the best conditions to decide the most appropriate action for the protection of users, trains and employees.

2.- Automated data analysis for better incident prevention

The smart panels not only display relevant information for the station manager, but are also capable of issuing automatic alerts in real time to warn of certain conflictive points that deserve their immediate attention at a certain moment.

Thanks to this advanced technology, the stations are shielded with preventive maintenance and continuous improvement methodologies to obtain the maximum performance from the different agents and security assets of the company.

3.- Greater control of everything that happens in a railway station

The smart panels allow, in short, to control everything that happens in the railway station from a single point of control.

These panels are divided into a large number of monitors that offer the relevant information that the station manager needs to capture any incident or suspicious event as soon as possible.

Your company or institution can benefit from all these advantages if you implement our display solutions for the railway sector Smart Touch Panel , Smart Monitor or VideoWall.

What do Lanaccess Display solutions offer to the rail industry?

With our Smart Touch Panel solution , station managers will be able to monitor and manage IP cameras and recorders without having to use a PC and control everything that happens at the station to ensure maximum security for assets, users and employees.

In addition, thanks to our Smart Monitor solution , companies and institutions in the railway sector will better protect their assets and eliminate the limitation of distance between the recorder and the monitor; They will eliminate the need for a monitoring PC and thus also eliminate the risk of malware infection.

On the other hand, the VideoWall solution will offer a multi-monitor video display system so that the security personnel who are in the control center can supervise everything that happens in the train stations.

Lanaccess offers companies and institutions in the railway sector smart display solutions so that they can take advantage of the advantages of Industry 4.0.

May 2022