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Despite the stoppage detected during the pandemic, the number of rail transport passengers does not stop growing in the world in general and in Spain in particular. This increase in users on trains and at stations is a concern for the sector and to improve safety, many companies are already using innovative video surveillance systems with advanced video recorders with intelligent analytics that allow analyzing the density of a space and automating incident detection tasks.

Today’s analytics solutions are capable of providing accurate people counting and detecting suspicious events without the need for a security operator to constantly monitor the scene. This is crucial to reduce staff fatigue and increase the concentration of professionals when a serious event occurs at a train station or in a convoy.

What do VCRs with video analytics offer?

The most advanced video surveillance systems have video recorders with intelligent analytical solutions with algorithms with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are capable of detecting suspicious behavior in a train station.

Events captured by a video camera that sends alerts to security personnel who are monitoring what is happening at the station.

Advanced solutions that provide many advantages to companies and institutions in the railway sector that implement them.

The advantages of VCRs with advanced analytics for the rail industry

VCRs that have smart analytics bring different benefits to companies and institutions in the railway sector:

1.- Object tracking

These solutions can detect an object and its trajectory and follow it to control its behavior. This object can be a train or a person moving in a station.

2.- Detection of abandoned objects

The analytical capacity of the most advanced video surveillance systems detect the appearance and disappearance of static objects within a defined area. This type of detection is often used in underground systems such as subway stations.

3.- Loitering detection

The most advanced solutions detect when a person or train remains in a specific area with suspicious behavior and notify the operator to make the best decision to prevent incidents.

 4.- People counting

Video surveillance systems count the people who cross a certain area such as the platform of a station and send information about its occupation so that operators can avoid crowds that could put the safety of passengers at risk.

5.- Density control

The most advanced solutions monitor the density of spaces and assess whether a particular area is heavily populated or clear to determine the security risk and notify the operator or not.

To benefit from the advantages of an advanced video surveillance solution in your company or institution in the railway sector, you can implement our video recorders with intelligent analytics.

What are the video recorders we offer for the railway sector like?

Our video recorders have specific analytical capacity to solve the needs of the sector.

The LAVA product range provides companies and institutions with dedicated hardware and video algorithms that add artificial intelligence to the video surveillance system.

These VCRs include specific functions for the railway sector such as LAVA RAILS or LAVA-DENSITY .

LAVA-RAILS is an analytic that is capable of detecting, among other functions, if a person falls into the track box or if someone crosses it voluntarily. In addition, it avoids false alarms by discriminating if a person is in the area of ​​tracks because they are getting on or off the train.

LAVA-DENSITY is an analytic that estimates the level of occupation density of exterior and interior spaces and is perfect to know if there are crowds in a railway station or not.

Lanaccess provides companies and institutions in the railway sector with advanced video surveillance solutions so that they can take advantage of the advantages of Digital Transformation and improve the safety of users, assets and employees.

May 2022