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The specialized magazine on Integral security for all Latin America, Segurilatam , interviewed Concha Martínez Cano, General Director in Mexico of Lanaccess . Below, you can find the questions and answers they asked our colleague about the expansion of Lanaccess in the Latin American market.

With an experience of more than 15 years in the security sector, Concha is leading the expansion of our company in Latin America. From the headquarters of the Spanish company in Mexico City, this professional leads a team willing to satisfy the video surveillance needs of clients belonging to strategic sectors such as banking. “Those who trust Lanaccess are critical infrastructure operators,” he details Segurilatam.

What has it meant for you to start a new professional career in Latin America with Lanaccess?

Without a doubt, a challenge, a new adventure . I have been in the security sector for more than 15 years, an area that I know both in the role of user and integrator. Now, I start this stage with Lanaccess from scratch, with great enthusiasm and the experience of being familiar with the Mexican market and culture. The latter is very important, since, although Lanaccess products and solutions are manufactured in Spain, it is essential to know the requirements of local customers and adapt to their needs. Something we can do by manufacturing both hardware and software.

Currently, how is the presence of Lanaccess articulated in the Latin American market?

The spearhead is Mexico. It is a relevant market from which we can provide the best service to the rest of the Latin American market. Initially, we started in Mexico City with the aim of providing good commercial and after-sales support through offices, a team and a stock that will allow us to provide a quick and effective response. Our headquarters are located on Avenida del Ejército Nacional, in the heart of the Polanco neighborhood , very close to the offices of clients and partners of Lanaccess.

We are going to take advantage of all the background, know-how and expertise of Lanaccess in Mexico and Latin America. In particular, we are very strong in banking security , but also in other sectors associated with the protection of critical infrastructures.

Is Lanaccess’s commitment to the Latin American market firm and long-term?

Totally. And a very clear declaration of intent is that we have invested resources in this project in the midst of the health and economic crisis. And this is so because we firmly believe that our products and solutions will be adapted to the specific needs of Latin American countries , each one of them very different from each other.

For this, we will have qualified personnel who are knowledgeable about the different markets in the region. And all this with quality and closeness, which is something that top clients who already work with Lanaccess value. The goal is to listen to customers, know their needs and offer them the best security solution. And that is only achieved with first-level interlocutors .

Although it is true that Lanaccess is focusing its expansion strategy step by step, starting with Mexico, what plans do you have for the rest of Latin American markets?

Indeed, we will operate in other Latin American countries. From our headquarters in Mexico City we can reach the entire region. That is essential. If you have first-rate products and solutions but do not have a good commercial and technical deployment, they are no longer first-level products and solutions …

We will reach more countries in the Latin American market, but now we are in the phase of setting up a powerful headquarters and team that can provide a quality service to very large clients with very high requirements and demands. The service has to be at that height. If not, the effort we are making would not be worth it.

Number 18 of  Segurilatam  magazine is dedicated to security in the banking sector and cybersecurity. In these two areas, Lanaccess plays an important role …

That’s how it is. Lanaccess was born by and for banking. In Spain we cover more than 90% of the financial sector, although we also provide services in others. As for  cybersecurity , it is a basic matter. We attach great importance to cyber security.

In this sense, our video recorders have their own and confidential operating system that does not affect viruses such as WannaCry, or ransomware designed for general operating systems such as Windows or Linux. And we not only protect our video recorders, but also all the IP devices connected to them such as cameras or interphones. In this way, a bank that relies on Lanaccess products and solutions can rest easy: computer viruses will not enter the video surveillance system installed in a branch . I insist: this is a basic issue for us.

Does reinforcing the cybersecurity of your products and solutions have consequences such as, for example, a decrease in bandwidth for the customer?

No. We know that, on some occasions, the bandwidth is very low. And what is clear is that a video surveillance system cannot cause problems for the normal development of a business. If we took bandwidth away from a bank branch, its employees would not be able to work … In that regard, customers should rest easy. At Lanaccess we optimize the bandwidth so that the recordings are of quality . With very little bandwidth we are able to transmit the information, in real time, to the security center.

How important is Lanaccess to research, development and innovation (R + D + i)?

R + D + i is another section that we consider basic. Our bet is to make clients for life. And this is only achieved by offering them the best. In this regard, R + D + i has been part of the Lanaccess DNA since its inception. This has been proven in the more than 20 years that we have been in the market. We do not settle. On the contrary, we are growing and providing new functionalities.

An example is Artificial Intelligence. The use of Deep Learning is becoming evident, for example, in the detection of false positives. The system learns day by day, so false alarms are reduced. This differential value is something that our clients value very much.

What is the added value of Lanaccess? Why should a customer bet on your products and solutions?

In the surveys we carry out with our clients, they value, on the one hand, support and closeness . From the CEO to the commercial or support departments, we are all dedicated to the clients. We know how they work, we know what their needs are and we provide them with the best service so that they can carry out their activity safely. On the other hand, customers appreciate our products and solutions, as they adapt to what they need. For them, safety is a priority . And we take care of providing it. We are constantly working to make it that way.

We don’t just sell a project or repair a product. The attention is close, professional and constant. Continuous customer feedback is sought to verify that everything is working correctly. This is something that they are evaluating very positively in Mexico. And also that everything we offer is our own. We do not depend on third parties nor are we distributors. As I have commented previously, we are manufacturers of hardware and software .

Finally, how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Lanaccess? Has the company been able to operate normally since March 2020?

As we are manufacturers, we do not depend on third parties . That has been a plus since the pandemic was declared. We can manufacture, store, repair, … And it is essential to bear in mind that all our clients are critical infrastructure operators belonging to sectors such as public administrations, banking, energy, health, telecommunications, transport, … We cannot fail them . And much less at this time. We owe it to them and their loyalty , as some of them have been working with Lanaccess for 15 or 20 years.

May 2022