In security, good support is a guarantee of success
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Written by Francisco Sánchez , Head of the Production and Technical Service Department at Lanaccess.

A company may have the best product on the market, but its sales and consolidation success depends on three essential pillars: The evolution of  firmware  and  hardware  based on the needs of customers, the improvement and creation  of management applications  that facilitate the operation and product maintenance and, finally, the  technical support service  , which is the gateway between the end customer and the manufacturing company.

This article is published in the journal Cuadernos de Seguridad . Next, we will summarize the words of our partner in this digital medium. Therefore, we recommend that you go to the link that we have attached in this paragraph and read the full article.

It has been more than two decades since  video security systems abandoned VHS tape and switched to digital recording.  It was then that most manufacturers saw it very clearly, they used the power of the PC in conjunction with video capturers. The idea was very tempting, as most of the work had already been done and the speed of the PC processors gave the systems extraordinary potential. This product seduced the market.

Lanaccess knew how to see the weakness of that architecture and time has proved us right

The support service is vital to the success of a product. In addition to managing assistance for the proper functioning of the systems, it is also  the communication channel between the client’s needs and the R&D department , so that firmware and application developers can carry out their work with the guarantee of success.

Relying on Windows operating system PC platforms for security systems that have to be robust  and run 24 hours a day was not a good solution. The corruption of files in the Windows OS, having the OS stored on a mechanical support such as the hard disk, the constant renewal of Windows operating systems and the incompatibility of the hardware with Windows updates, generated  a high number of incidents  , highlighting the weakness of this architecture.

At the cybersecurity level, Windows OS is the most prone to cyberattacks. Lanaccess created an alternative system based on proprietary hardware embedded with a processor exclusively dedicated to communications , with its own operating system running in flash memory and leaving the hard disk only for storing images. With proprietary hardware and software, Onsafe was born, a robust, reliable solution with a high degree of cybersecurity.

In those years only, a bank customer opted for this option, but time has consolidated our product thanks to its robustness and low number of incidents.

At present, our obsolete equipment, with more than 15 years old, is retired fully operational to  make way for the generational replacement by the new models updated with the latest video compression formats  and the latest generation technical improvements.

Today, the Lanaccess video recording and video management solution leads the market in the banking sector, having as clients the main national banking entities. Our solutions also cover critical infrastructures such as prisons, train stations, airports, ports, etc. In addition, as a result of the management of the commercial department, today we already have an international presence in the European market.

The Lanaccess R&D department has been constantly evolving products to  meet the needs of our customers . Currently, they are working on new solutions that are going to be a new milestone in the sector. Lanaccess intends to introduce them during 2020. But while we wait for these new tools, don’t forget that having good support means having a good reputation .

May 2022