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The state of alarm over the Coronavirus pandemic has greatly changed our way of relating and also the way we work. Many of us have been those who have left the office and have taken refuge at home to carry out work functions remotely. However, there has been a very large group that has maintained face-to-face activity in our country: essential workers .

In our company, while a large part of our employees are developing their work functions from home, a very abundant group has not stopped going to work for a day to manufacture and support new equipment, to serve the essential activities with the we work with: hospitals, telecommunications centers, financial entities, etc.

Now that it seems that the pandemic is somewhat more under control (although our guard should not be lowered) we dedicate this post to publicly thanking essential workers for their invaluable work and we extend it to the rest of the essential activity workers who have worked and continue to work for us .

A thank you to all our fellow producers for their invaluable work during these difficult days for all of us.

trabajadores esenciales

Solution for hospitals

Our production department workers have maintained their presence in the toughest days of the pandemic to be able to manufacture new video surveillance equipment and thus be able to guarantee safety in hospitals and health centers . A sector that has been the one that has worked the most in the hardest days of the crisis and that is making a greater effort to get out of this situation through doctors, orderlies, nurses, etc.

Solution for telecommunications centers

In production, activity has continued even in the most difficult days of COVID-19 in order to develop new equipment for customers in the telecommunications sector. A sector that has not stopped its activity either so that the country’s technological infrastructure would work and withstand the spectacular increase in workloads caused by the widespread adoption of teleworking in companies.

Solution for banks

Our production plant workers have not stopped physically working in our facilities to prepare the new equipment for the banking sector. This sector has provided an essential service, providing cash in the country’s ATM network and financial advice in its branches.

The work of our production workers has been key to being able to comply with the production of the LANACCESS solution equipment, an essential tool to guarantee safety in the healthcare, telecommunications, banking sector and in a long list of industries and markets.

LANACCESS, a solution designed and produced in Spain

Our LANACCESS solution is a 100% Spanish product that is manufactured, designed and repaired entirely in Spain , both hardware and software, in order to be more agile and provide the best service. Qualities highly valued in critical situations like the ones we are experiencing.

This tool adapts to the demand of our clients with great agility, since we do not relocate our production in other countries nor do we subcontract any design or manufacturing services.

We design and produce our products in Spain and thus, we can adapt our equipment to the demands of our customers, to fully customize the service we provide. A factor that in times of crisis like the one we are experiencing from the Coronavirus pandemic is being highly valued by our clients.

LANACCESS has a large team, ready to offer you the best video surveillance solution whenever and however you want.

May 2022