LAVA-DENSITY, the best ally to control occupation in the railway sector
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Rail passenger transport does not stop growing. It is a sector that, despite the downturn of the pandemic, works very well. However, this growth does not exempt it from risk, quite the contrary. It requires taking measures to prevent crowds from causing accidents.

The upward trend in the number of passengers on the rail transport means has begun to worry those responsible who see in the crowds a threat to the safety of users.

It should not be forgotten that the demand for the metro does not stop growing and that, before the COVID-19 crisis, the number of passengers on this means of transport exceeded 62,000 million on a global scale. A figure that represented an increase of 40% in seven years. In addition, it is estimated that the occupation of the metro grows at a rate of 5% per year.

To better control occupancy in metro stations and in convoys in a context of growing number of passengers, advanced solutions are increasingly being implemented .

How do capacity control systems work?

The control crowds in the railway area is not an easy task, since the complexity of the railways and the various locations difficult tasks security monitoring.

For this, operators need the help of solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to calculate the volume of people in real time and distribute the passengers on the platform and in the wagons automatically. Statistical information is a very valuable tool, but also in the case of Lanaccess it has a powerful Business Intelligence solution, the BI Xplorer solution allows metro and railway operators to be able to adjust the number of convoys on certain days and hours depending on the information provided by the images collected by our LAVA-DENSITY solution .

Thanks to these advanced systems, the flow of people is more fluid and the experience of users, both in the vicinity of the train tracks and in the carriages themselves, is considerably improved.

To achieve this same goal, Lanaccess offers LAVA-DENSITY , a unique analytics that offers different advantages to the rail sector.

What advantages does LAVA-DENSITY provide?

These are the main benefits of the solution:

1.- Precise estimation of the occupancy level

Our exclusive analytics allow us to know, exactly, the number of people who pass the viewing area of ​​the IP camera, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors. The Lanaccess solution has a reliability of over 90%.

2.- Simplification of surveillance tasks

In function of the occupation of space , the solution classifies the scene with the qualifiers “low, medium or high density occupancy” and sends a notice immediately after when an incident occurs to facilitate the operator detecting the same and decision decision making.

3.- Generation of alerts

The generation of alerts contributes proactivity to the system, which means that it is not necessary to constantly monitor the cameras to detect critical situations, when the critical situation occurs, it sends the alarm and allows making the required decisions. LAVA-DENSITY is integrated with the main CRAs on the market.

Thanks to the exclusive functions of the Lanaccess solution, professionals can activate surveillance over the problem area, evacuate it or restrict capacity to avoid misfortune due to uncontrolled crowding.

Lanaccess provides companies and institutions with an advanced video surveillance solution with LAVA-DENSITY so that they can better control the occupation of spaces in the railway sector and take advantage of the advantages of Digital Transformation.

May 2022