LAVA-OBJECTS, the Deep Learning solution that your video surveillance system needs
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Technology has entered the company for years to improve processes and ways of working and, if there were still any that resisted change, with the pandemic, they have had to adapt.

In the field of video surveillance, Artificial Intelligence is the great technology that companies are looking for to improve their work. Data analytics has revolutionized the sector thanks to the development of Deep Learning algorithms .

Lanaccess systems have exclusive analytics that are very useful for companies. One of these is LAVA-OBJECTS , a revolutionary solution for companies in all sectors.

What does LAVA OBJECTS offer to companies?

The LAVA OBJECTS analytic is a counting analytic used to analyze the profile of visitors to a space and includes the detection and classification of bags, backpacks, suitcases, bicycles and scooters.

Thanks to this solution, companies can provide intelligence to their video surveillance system and can collect relevant information to make better decisions.

It is, therefore, a key solution to increase sales and business in an organization.

Why do you need a video surveillance system with LAVA-OBJECTS analytics?

The information provided by this video analytics is key for different departments of a company or institution.

With this solution, companies are able to improve their marketing strategy, solve mobility problems in a city and improve security.

1.- LAVA-OBJECTS improves the marketing strategy

This analytics is very useful in train or bus stations, air terminals, retail, etc.

In these spaces, companies can know precisely how many people carry bags, backpacks or suitcases and, for example, make specific offers to this group of individuals.

2.- LAVA-OBJECTS helps to manage mobility in a city

Municipalities with a lot of road traffic can find out if people who pass through a place do so with scooters or bicycles to discover if citizens need a bike lane to improve safety or, on the contrary, in that specific area of ​​the city the people do not use this means of transport.

In this case, knowing if there is not much influx of citizens with bikes or scooters in that place can help the competent authorities to promote, for example, the use of bicycles in that area.

3.- LAVA-OBJECTS improves the security of an area

Object detection algorithms can not only be used for the marketing and mobility management of a city, but are also essential for the protection of an open space such as a railway station .

In these places, thousands of people pass through in a day and the security personnel have a hard time controlling everything that happens in them. For this reason, it is essential to have advanced technology that is capable of distinguishing between one object and another to avoid possible attacks or discover bag and suitcase thieves.

Take advantage of the opportunity offered by LAVA-OBJECTS

With this exclusive Lanaccess algorithm you will be able to obtain better performance from your video surveillance system and you will be able to benefit from all its advantages.

Companies in any sector and, especially, those in the banking , energy , railway and retail sectors will be able to increase their security and profitability.

Lanaccess provides companies with video surveillance solutions with Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence so that they can take advantage of digital transformation and advance the competition in the market

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June 2022