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Technology is an incalculable ally of human beings to be more productive and improve the service offered in any sector. In the field of video surveillance, video analytics is increasingly essential to increase the vision of the security guard and their supervisors.

AI increasingly important in organizations

Video analytics is so important in companies that, more often, they invest more money in technologies that allow them to take advantage of its benefits such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is an emerging technology in the world and Spain is one of the countries with a higher stake. According to a 2020 study by ONTSI (National Observatory of Technology and Society), 7% of Spanish companies have already adopted AI in their processes , a percentage slightly higher than the average for the European Union, which stands at 6 %.

Lanaccess improves video surveillance systems with AI

Our company is aware of this need and, therefore, we have developed the LAVA ( Lanaccess Video Analytics ) series , a solution that offers dedicated hardware and video algorithms that are based on neural networks that are used for any video surveillance system to benefit. of the benefits of AI.

In this sense, we manufacture equipment (hardware) and develop software to provide intelligence to video surveillance systems with video analytics that increases their efficiency, security and reliability .

LAVA Analytics software is developed with different algorithms such as those included in LAVA Protect.

What is LAVA Protect?

LAVA Protect is the name that groups together the different algorithms based on neural networks that are used to carry out perimeter protection in an active and intelligent way.

These algorithms have ROI entry line crossover analytics, loitering.

What advantages does LAVA Protect offer?

Here are the key benefits that LAVA Protect video analytics algorithms provide to businesses:

1.- Detection of people precisely

LAVA Protect, one of the analytics in the LAVA series, is based on deep learning neural networks. A technology that is specifically trained to accurately detect people .

2.- Definition of different zones

The detection analytics offered by these algorithms makes it possible to configure different areas to be analyzed for each channel in order to carry out an accurate detection of the presence of people in predefined areas .

3.- Outstanding benefits of the tracking functionality:

The tracking functionality included in LAVA Protect video analytics allows you to configure different extra rules such as loitering or directional line crossing.

  • Loitering or loitering: makes it possible to predefine the time that a person has to be loitering in an area to activate the alarm .
  • Directional line crossing: these are lines that can be configured to define the radius of action of the offender. Lines that can be bidirectional and that are responsible for activating an alarm when a person crosses them.

In the case of bidirectional lines, the alarm is activated when the person crosses the predefined line in any direction and in directional lines the alarm is activated when they cross the line in the direction previously stipulated.

Lanaccess offers organizations LAVA Protect, a set of LAVA Analytics algorithms so that they can improve the security of their video surveillance systems to the maximum.

May 2022