Maximum protection of IP cameras with LANACCESS video recorders
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Digital transformation has brought many benefits to businesses, but it has also created many challenges and different security risks. The lack of security is precisely one of the main concerns of companies that install IP cameras in their video surveillance systems.

However, this insecurity can be solved when surveillance systems with LANACCESS video recorders are implemented.

Our video recorders have first-rate technical characteristics that allow the protection and isolation of the IP devices that are connected to them and reduce the risk surface. These devices are very safe , since they incorporate specific functionalities to increase their protection.

What is the security of LANACCESS video recorders based on?

The security of our recorders is based on the following technical characteristics:

Dedicated hardware and proprietary and confidential OS

This substantially reduces the risk of cyber attacks compared to generalist operating systems such as Windows or Linux, which are more exposed to threats.

Secure and encrypted communication protocols

VCR communications with security cameras and with checkpoints and mobile devices have a high level of encryption and use reliable protocols such as HTTPS, SSH and FTPS.

Integrated firewall

The firewall or firewall is one of the first lines of defense against threats that has a device.

Firmware signing and verification system to verify its legitimacy and encrypted firmware update

This system acts as a shield against identity theft attacks that want to infect the machine by taking advantage of system updates.

Video VLAN isolated from the corporate network and access control to it

The corporate network and the VLAN of the DVR work independently and in the event of an attack at one of the two points, the damage is not transferred . They also incorporate 802.1X to control access to the company’s own network.

Detection of IP camera spoofing attempts

Video recorders include advanced functionality that allows you to block access from IP cameras that have exceeded a specific access limit.

Event log

They offer a detailed event log with all the threats that threaten the security of the device.

Protection against DdoS attacks and Replay Attack

The recorders incorporate advanced solutions against distributed denial of service attacks and Replay Attack type phishing attacks or other related threats to make IP cameras as secure as possible.

Ports open to necessary services

Devices do not have ports open by default, but open them when required by certain trusted and authenticated services.

Encrypted Video Downloads

The user can download the content of the recordings by downloading in a totally secure way , since the information is encrypted.

Pentesting newspapers

Periodic penetration tests are carried out to ensure maximum security for video recorders and IP cameras.

If you want your company, the banking sector or any market, to benefit from a video surveillance system with high security , you must implement our recorders.

The LANACCESS video recorders offer organizations maximum possible security for IP cameras include in your video surveillance system so that these can take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation with maximum guarantees.

May 2022