Mitigating the Security Risks of Cloud Computing
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Concern for the security of Cloud Computing has grown a lot in recent years because it brings different advantages to companies. According to Markets and Markets, the global Cloud Computing market is expected to grow from $ 371.4 billion in 2020 to $ 832.1 billion in 2025 .

However, in terms of security, not everything is advantageous. Trusting company security to cloud service providers is often not always the best option.

In March, the security of Tesla, several banks and different prisons was blown up, which suffered infiltrations in more than 150,000 security cameras.

For this reason, at LANACCESS we reinforce the idea that investing in on-premises cybersecurity plans must be given the same importance as investing in cloud security plans, or even if possible, providing more resources if the information is on the cloud.

Within the cloud video surveillance there are different deployments, today we will talk about the Public Cloud, the Private Cloud and the mixed model , and we will also talk about local video surveillance, which continues to be the predominant option among companies that require greater security.

One of those cloud video surveillance options is the Public Cloud . An option that today is spreading in small companies given its more competitive price than the rest of the cloud deployments.

The main security risks of the Public Cloud

These are the main security challenges it presents to video surveillance systems:

1. Data is stored in shared locations. In deployments of this type, confidential company information can be found on the same computer as other companies.

2. Lack of control. Organizations that trust their data on Public Cloud servers are doing so on third-party servers, which they do not have ownership of.

3. Greater exposure of the data if the provider is not good. In the event that the service provider does not comply with the security standards to offer clients the maximum guarantees of integrity, availability and confidentiality of the managed information, the company puts their security at risk.

Another deployment option that gives companies more control is the Private Cloud. This option is used by large companies or institutions that need to have full control of security.

The advantages of having the Private Cloud

An alternative to the public cloud is to have a private cloud , in the infrastructure itself or through a specialized external service provider to manage and store the data of our video surveillance system.

This type of network is used by large companies and provides different advantages:

  • Greater control. The servers and physical infrastructure are our property.
  • High security . As the data is not managed by third parties, security risks are minimized.
  • Greater hardware customization. The hardware is dedicated and adapted to our needs.

The recording locally remains the main option for large companies and public institutions, and partly because of the following advantages.

Advantages of local video recording

  • Storage at the highest quality. A property that is detached from the quality and service guarantee of the Internet connection.
  • Unlimited camera management. All the cameras that the company needs can be managed without any type of deprivation.
  • No structural costs. There is no monthly subscription to pay, as the VCR is owned and purchased.
  • There is a very significant variable to take into account, the dependence on the bandwidth in cloud models and the possible cuts it may have in the recording of the images, while in local video recording this variable does not affect the normal development of the service.

Halfway between local video recording and the private cloud is the mixed model .

Advantages of the mixed model

The mixed model is based on an on-premises infrastructure that allows the private cloud to be used for specific functions or to establish a connection to specific tools . This way you have the best of both worlds.

It is very important to choose the best option for our video recording system based on the size and specific needs.

Given these challenges, LANACCESS recommends that large companies that require high security , such as those in the banking sector or critical infrastructures, implement local video recording, or mixed models (local recording systems mapped to the private cloud itself).

For smaller companies or for the domestic market, the Public Cloud is the solution that is gaining more ground , where the price and the lack of its own IT team to manage this infrastructure make this option more attractive.

If you want to take advantage of the advantages of a quality video surveillance system, you should consider implementing our video surveillance solution . LANACCESS provides you with the Cloud Computing security that your company needs to face the challenges of the cloud.

June 2022