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The video surveillance market is experiencing spectacular growth globally. According to MarketandMarkets, this sector will grow to 68.3 billion dollars in 2023 . An amount that represents a spectacular increase if we compare it with the 2018 figures, which stood at 36.9 billion dollars. Video surveillance is increasingly in demand because it brings many advantages to companies .

However, not all solutions are the best option that organizations can implement. More and more video surveillance services are offered, but few are those that adapt to customer requirements. Companies that want to go one step further in the field of cybersecurity bet on LANACCESS video surveillance solutions , since they are fully adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

LANACCESS video surveillance solutions

The companies that bet on these products will implement solutions that are based on immersed architectures and on equipment that have been designed for specialized utilities and not for the general public.

Our video surveillance solutions provide our customers with reliability (they do not break down), low consumption and the remote control and supervision that a security system needs.

LANACCESS video surveillance equipment includes tools that allow centralized and remote visualization and supervision of all devices to facilitate the work of security personnel.

Hybrid Video Recorder

This product can have one to two disks, a CPU, and can work with both analog cameras and IP cameras.

Video Recorder IP

This product can have one to two disks, one CPU, and works with IP cameras only.

Video Recorder Pro

This product can have one or four disks, one CPU and works with IP cameras only.

Video Recorder Cluster with triple redundancy

This product can have 20 disks, one CPU, and can work with up to 250 IP cameras. As for the disks, these can be extracted in hot, can be configured in aggregate and offer a mirroring or dynamic Raid.

Tailored to your needs

We are manufacturers of both hardware and software, we make you the video surveillance solution you need.

Advantages of LANACCESS video surveillance solutions

LANACCESS video surveillance solutions offer many advantages to companies that decide to implement them. These are the most prominent benefits they provide to companies:

  • Experience: Solutions manufactured by a company with more than 20 years of experience in the hardware and software sector.
  • Security: Our video recorders do not work with PC, which implies a high immunity against attacks. According to European regulations EN62676, safety is certified with grade 3 and 4.
  • Reliability: The fanless technology of the VCRs increases their durability and reliability. This technology prevents devices from using video recorders. In addition, since they use Windows, the system does not stop unexpectedly and the hardware includes a watchdog (a security system that reboots the system in the event of a crash).
  • Proximity: Our solutions are designed and manufactured in Spain, just like the support. In this way, we have a very close attention to our clients, which is fully aligned with their needs.
  • Ease of use: The units are installed very easily, thanks to the plug and play system and the wizards and the default parameterization that they include. They have predefined configurations to automatically configure the recorder, without technical knowledge in video surveillance.
  • Flexibility: The solution is fully adapted to the demands of our customers , since we not only sell the solution, but we also design and manufacture it to measure.
  • Intelligence: After preparing the different solutions, the system prevents people from carrying out routine and repetitive tasks. This warns of any incident that it detects, be it hardware, security or control.
  • Profitability: The fact that the durability of the devices is high means that the investment can be better amortized. In addition, maintenance is easier and cheaper because the devices do not use PCs.

If you are interested in a video surveillance solution that offers you all these advantages, you should bet on the one provided by LANACCESS , the best ally for the Digital Transformation of your business.

May 2022