The Retail industry bets on Lanaccess

We know the specific needs of the Retail industry

We adapt to the needs of our customers.

When the project has required it, specific modifications have also been made for the client, offering totally new video recorders, adaptations in the software or even the creation of intelligent video analytics developed with deep learning algorithms specific to the industry.

Competitive advantages:

  • We manage and optimize the use of communications bandwidth.
  • Possibility of redundant communications with 4G Router.
  • We allow you to remotely and intuitively manage thousands of cameras in hundreds of locations.
  • The security managers have complete control of what happens in their facilities.

Integration with POS

This module offers the integration between the point of sale (cash registers) of large stores and supermarkets with our video surveillance system.

It allows associating the cashier’s transactions with the recorded video, in order to verify the cashier’s operations.

Its main functionalities are:

  • Allows you to verify cash point activity.
  • Monitoring both live and in recordings.
  • All kinds of alerts and searches can be configured.


LAVA-COUNT does both Tracking of people in the store, as well as of vehicles in the car parks of the stores.

The main algorithms that can be used are:

  • Count people who cross line (line crossing) Tailgating counting (group crossing)
  • Counting of people crossing 2 lines (direction = double line crossing)
  • Counting of people in a zone (presence) Counting of people entering or leaving a zone (entry / exit)
  • Counting the time each person is in a zone (loitering)

Unlike traditional analytics, analytics built into Lanaccess AI modules based on neural networks do not require camera calibration or scenarios.


This analytic evaluates the number of people who are in the camera’s viewing area using a model specially trained to estimate the level of occupation density of any space, both indoors and outdoors.

Allows you to configure classification thresholds based on a number of people, to label the scene according to low, medium or high occupancy density.

Thanks to the option to configure density thresholds and the sending of alarms in real time when a certain threshold is exceeded, this analytic makes it easier for the operator or guard to activate surveillance, evacuation or momentary prohibition of the passage of people in a certain area. Sent alarms have a photo attached.


Powerful Business Intelligence developed in the Lanaccess suite that allows to exploit the information generated by the Lanaccess video analytics algorithms.

Data that is not only relevant for the security department but also for the business department.

Video recorders that adapt to the specific needs of each center

Small Supermarket

Medium Supermarket

Logistic Centers

We adapt to all scenarios in the retail sector, from small stores, medium, large or even hypermarkets, we also have solutions designed for logistics centers or corporate buildings.



Our video recorders have their own real-time operating system, protecting them from massive attacks that attack Windows devices (such as Wannacry) and / or Linux.

If we also add the exclusive hardware design, we make it even more difficult to create specific viruses against Lanaccess systems. The PoE + CCTV switch that video recorders incorporate is a very useful tool for cybersecurity. It allows you to completely isolate the IP cameras from the corporate network, and automatically monitor the connection of devices (if it detects that a camera has been replaced by another device, it can block the port automatically).

In addition, our NVRs have specific tools for detecting denial of service DDoS attacks.



Specific hardware:

Lanaccess designs and manufactures specific hardware for video recording, optimizing its components and resources, and thus obtaining:

  • Energy saving (consumption less than 15W).
  • Less heat dissipation (fanless).
  • Less breakdown rate and therefore lower maintenance costs

Specific firmware:

  • Increase in the useful life of discs, thanks to its own sequential writing system specially designed for video recording.
  • No prior formatting of disks is required in case of replacement.
  • It allows hot swap making disk change easier.
  • Configurable so that it is only viewable in Lanaccess own systems, increasing the security of the stored information.

Smart Monitor

Ideal solution to create simple, agile and safe surveillance posts. Device that monitors and manages IP cameras, and one or more recorders without the need for a PC, it only requires a screen and a mouse, it also allows to work with a joystick.

Smart Counter

The Smart Counter solution, together with our cameras with analytics, incorporates an intuitive interface for the local exploitation of the capacity of spaces with one or more entrances.

Monitoring the entire system


Scheduled (or immediate) execution of equipment supervision rounds:

  • Status of cameras, IP connection, disks, inputs and outputs.
  • Capture recorded image.
  • Save settings.
  • Disc space.
  • Recording errors.
  • Hours and dates.
  • Reboots.
  • Temperature value.
  • Firmware and HW version.

Graphic display of the main incidents of the system:

  • It allows the monitoring of both video recorders and cameras.
  • Provides detailed information (model, brand, firmware, location …).
  • Improve maintenance service.

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