Seguritecnia interview with José Ignacio Sainz: "The main 'driver' of video surveillance will be video analytics"
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José Ignacio Sainz
Director of Growth and Business Development at Lanaccess


– Video surveillance is evolving by leaps and bounds. What technologies will predominate in it in the short term?

Deep  Learning,  the  cloud  and cybersecurity will be fundamental in the evolution of video surveillance. Of course, codecs will continue to be improved and we will have more powerful HW, but the main driver of video surveillance will be video analytics, the use of which has grown significantly in recent years.

These video analytics must be advanced and intelligent (learning and training based on  Deep Learning ), integrable with any video recorder or camera (via ONVIF and RTSP), deployable in any local or remote infrastructure ( standalone  or  cloud ), interoperable with other devices or IoT sensors (cybersecurity is critical in all IP communication), always available (load balancing and redundancy capabilities) and fundamentally they will have to provide relevant data for decision making (through real-time alarms, dashboards and  Business dashboards) Intelligence ).

– In general terms, what future do you predict for the video surveillance sector?

Video surveillance has a great future. Until a few years ago it was considered, unfairly, as a necessary cost by companies; but thanks to video analytics it is increasingly expanding its scope, taking it far beyond security.

The ability to process camera images and extract relevant information provides great value to organizations from different sectors in all their departments for process control, security protocols, decision making and much more.

But let’s not forget that this great future also brings challenges. Cybersecurity will be increasingly relevant and critical, along with the challenge of interoperability, with more and more IoT devices and their video verification.

– What are the main markets to which your solutions are directed?

Historically, Lanaccess has been very focused on banking and rail transport, being leaders in both verticals. More than 15,000 Lanaccess video recorders control 120,000 cameras in the banking sector; and our video analytics and video recording solutions manage more than 600 stations and 16,000 cameras in the railway sector.

Three years ago the company was acquired by an investment group that has significantly accelerated the development of new solutions based on the latest technologies. We have tripled our development team and brought to the market the Lava series of advanced video analytics modules based on  Deep Learning , together with our new web VMS.

All  our solutions  are our own, cyber-secure, transversal and  cloud native , which places us in a privileged position to expand into new verticals such as  smart cities , industry, logistics,  utilities  and critical infrastructures, in which we are already working.

We are currently in the process of international expansion, but what will never change is our commitment to innovation, with our own R+D+i that allows us to offer our clients quality solutions that meet their needs, together with close and decisive.

You can see the original interview in Seguritecnia.

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August 2022