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Solutions to control the capacity and movement of customers in bank branches

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The Cuadernos de Seguridad writing has published, on June 30, an article about our solutions, key in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, to help companies in sectors such as banking, retail, transport, health, among others. Next, we wanted to add a bit of the article:

For a few months now, they have suggested us the separation of two meters between people to avoid contagion and we are having to change our social and consumption habits very quickly to survive this new situation. But, luckily,  we have the technology to improve our adaptation to current regulations .

Let us remember that in phase 1 de-escalation proposed by the Spanish Government, the commercial premises could only have more than a third of the capacity, as long as the safety distances were respected. In  phase 2, the limitation was 40% of the total capacity of the premises  and in phase 3 , 50%.

And now, although there are not such strict limitations, we must be prudent and set reasonable gauges to maintain social distance within bank offices. We know that  banks have as a main objective the safety of both their clients and their workers .

In this new environment,  LANACCESS  appears as a key ally to help companies.

LANACCESS, the best ally in the post-COVID-19 environment

We are a company, with 20 years of experience in the market, dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of  hardware and the development of video surveillance software , both for the banking sector and for other sectors such as retail, telecommunications, transportation or healthcare, among others.

Within the video surveillance sector we have specialized in these areas:

  • Video recorders.
  • Video management software  (VMS).
  • Video analytics.
  • Solutions for video viewing.

This experience of more than 20 years has given us the knowledge to adapt quickly to the needs of the market. And the need to  control the capacity  is an example of this. Financial entities must have an efficient solution that is  quick to implement and that also  provides them with valuable information on the behavior of their customers  at the bank branch.

And that is where LANACCESS, and more specifically in the area of ​​video analytics, we provide a key solution for this new environment: a  system to control capacity based on TOF (Time-of-Flight) cameras .

But this is just the beginning, in the article you can find much more about this solution, so  KEEP READING  and don’t miss a thing.