The LAVA (Lanaccess Advanced Video Analytics) series provides dedicated hardware and video algorithms based on neural networks to equip any System with Artificial Intelligence.

Equipment and Applications (HW & SW) for intelligent video analytics made entirely by Lanaccess, designed to work efficiently, safely and with high reliability.

The solution can be integrated in our video recorders, in standalone hardware modules or in customer servers.

Both Analytics hardware modules and our video recorders feature unmatched performance and energy efficiency, effectively delivering the power of modern AI and Deep Learning.

Unlike traditional analytics, analytics built into Lanaccess AI modules based on neural networks do not require camera calibration or scenarios.

LAVA ANALYTICS includes the following algorithms:


Pack of algorithms based on neural networks for active and intelligent protection of the perimeter.

Includes line crossing analytics, ROI entry, loitering.


Analysis of detection of road crossing and falling on roads based on neural networks.

Specific for the railway sector, it deactivates the sending of alarms if the person detected is inside, getting on or off a train in order not to generate false alerts when the train overlaps with the track area of interest.


Analysis of density of occupation of both interior and exterior spaces.

Ideal both for active security, thanks to its real-time alarms due to agglomeration, and for business, thanks to the integrated Lanaccess Business Intelligence web interface, where you can see the busiest days and hours and abstract behavior patterns.


Pack of algorithms based on neural networks for the detection and recognition of faces.

Includes interface to register suspects in Black Lists.


Protect analytics, is one of the analytics of the LAVA series, is based on neural networks (Deep Learning), a model specially trained for the precise detection of people.

Intrusion detection analytics allows defining different zones to be analyzed per channel and detects the presence of people in the configured zones,

Thanks to the tracking functionality, it is also possible to configure the following additional rules:

  • Loitering: you configure the seconds that a person must remain loitering within a defined area to generate an alarm.
  • Directional line crossing: In addition to zones, lines can be drawn. These lines can be bidirectional (generates an alarm when a person crosses that line in any direction), or directional (generates an alarm when a person crosses the line in the defined direction).


Rails analytics includes among its functionality the LAVA-PROTECT features, but also includes specific functions for the railway sector, it allows to rule out alarms due to the presence of a train, this analysis can be used on platforms to detect only the fall of person in track box as well as the voluntary crossing of these.

Thanks to this functionality, it allows to discriminate the alarms that occur where a train is detected, thus avoiding false alarms when people get on the train or are on it.


The analytics assesses the number of people in the camera’s viewing area using a model specially trained to estimate the level of occupation density of any space, both indoors and outdoors.

Allows you to configure classification thresholds based on a number of people, to label the scene according to low, medium or high occupancy density.

Thanks to the option to configure density thresholds and the sending of alarms in real time when a certain threshold is exceeded, this analytic makes it easier for the operator or guard to activate surveillance, evacuation or momentary prohibition of the passage of people in a certain area. Sent alarms have a photo attached.

Lanaccess cameras have built-in analytics that allow, in a very intuitive way, to have relevant information for the security system.

Type of Cameras with Analytics

IR cameras

Our wide range of IR cameras ranging from 2MP to 12MP come in bullet, dome, minidome, pinhole, panoramic and multisensor formats, allowing a complete solution for any scenario, and with our advanced on-edge analytical functions all your needs will remain covers.

Ultra-Low Light Cameras

Incorporating lenses with Starvis technology that offer a near perfect image in low light conditions, these cameras can provide a near perfect image in very low light conditions, available in a variety of different formats and combined with our advanced analysis engine, it is the definitive camera for your project.

Thermal Cameras

The benefits of thermal cameras along with analytics are well known. The contrast provided by thermal cameras makes a perfect association with video analysis, our range of thermal cameras is specifically tuned for this purpose.


Multi-sensor cameras can provide wide coverage with a high level of detail of any scene, their unique array of multiple sensors together with our analytical functions allow you to implement them in any environment.

CAM ANALYTICS algorithm packs


Default license for Lanaccess IP cameras. It includes the following algorithms:
Tamper, anti-vibration system and presence filter.


License to install on Lanaccess IP cameras. It includes the following algorithms:
Line crossing, counting, tamper and anti-vibration system.


License to install on Lanaccess IP cameras. It includes the following algorithms:
Presence, line crossing, enter / exit, appear / disappear, direction and loitering, abandoned and stolen object, tamper, anti-vibration system and object tracking.


License to install on Lanaccess IP cameras. It includes the following algorithms:
Presence, line crossing, enter / exit, appear / disappear, direction and loitering, abandoned object, tamper, anti-vibration system, object tracking and the logical combination of the above.


Zones and lines

Up to 40 zones (Lines and Multi-segment Polygons) and 60 rules per channel to detect any activity in an area or point of interest.


High precision people and vehicle counting, with up to 20 counters.

Camera tamper

It detects any changes in the video such as loss, lighting, camera covered or camera shake.

3D calibration

Tool to calibrate the scene and increase the precision regardless of the depth and perspective of the scene.


Vibration cancellation functionality.

Speed filter

Once calibrated, the speed filter detects and displays the speed of people or vehicles in an area or point of interest.


Follow and differentiate people or objects of interest between groups.

Appear and disappear

It will detect an object or target that appears or disappears suddenly.


Detects when a target remains stationary in an area for a certain time.


Detects when more than one object or target cross a line or area within a set time.

Input and output

Detects an object or target that enters or leaves a zone.

Abandoned Object

Detects if an object has been in the scene for a set time.


Detects if the target is turning or going in a specific direction. You can configure the rotation of up to 360º.

Subtracted Object

Detects if an object has disappeared from the scene.


Detects when a target remains in an area for a certain time.


Collect and send metadata in JSON or plain XML format.

Logical rules

Allows you to combine entries to create specific rules using ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘during’ or ‘before’.

Color filter

Detects objects with a specific color, It can also be stored as metadata.

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