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Video analytics are transforming the video surveillance industry.

The weakest link is usually the human factor. We try to provide solutions that back up and help human teams. Before, 100% of the issues were detected by human eyes. Now that percentage is shifting towards computers’ eyes, so that humans not only monitor the traditional way but also receive alerts from automated analytics systems.

With proactive solutions, that do not rest and analyze and filter a large number of images, and that also notify the user of those actions that have to be controlled.

Face Detection

Facial detection consists of the extraction of images with the faces of people who enter a place, but without identifying them.

The main functionalities are:

  • As a recording search method. You immediately get a list of the faces of the people who have entered the office and you can directly access the fragment of the video recording of the moment they entered.
  • For statistics. Statistics of the influx of people into a space can be compiled according to time slots.

TOF: People Counting and Capacity

Time-of-Flight cameras offer data that goes beyond traditional analytics. These cameras are based on the principle that each one of the pixels determines the distance from the camera to the object, being able to create maps of people’s situation in real time.

  • The main application of these cameras is to be able to analyze the movement of the consumer in stores, bank branches or any physical space from which we can obtain relevant information.
  • The TOF solution allows obtaining capacity data with great reliability.

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