Lanaccess display solutions cover all the needs of CCTV users, from a single security guard station to control centers with dozens of monitors.

Smart Monitor

Ideal solution to create simple, agile and safe surveillance posts. Device that monitors and manages IP cameras, and one or more recorders without the need for a PC. It only requires a screen and a mouse, and it also allows to work with a joystick.

Smart Counter

The Smart Counter solution, together with our cameras TOF or our cameras with analytics, incorporates an intuitive interface for the local exploitation of the capacity of spaces with one or more entrances.

Access data is obtained in real time. Through a screen the capacity of the establishment is shown, offering the corresponding messages of allowed access or not.

Smart Touch Panel

PoE touch screen that monitors and manages cameras and recordings without the need for a PC.

  • Plug & play with recorders.
  • Audio applications and integrations with video intercoms.
  • Integration with automatic doors.
Smart Touch Panel


Multi-monitor video display system.

  • Scalable without limitation. More screens means more decoding and display capacity.
  • Managed locally by keyboard or remotely by application.
  • Manageable by ONVIF display.
  • Optional POE + Switch.


High-performance multimedia videowall drivers (IP video, capturers, VNC’s, HTML’s) on Windows platform

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Synchronous video rounds.
  • Layouts preconfigured or activated automatically.

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