Embedded Technology

Hardware and Software made for each other

Equipment with embedded technology designed and manufactured by Lanaccess specifically for video management that make our solutions more secure, more efficient and more profitable.

Low risk of cyberattacks: proprietary embedded operating system, other than general-purpose OSs (Windows, Linux, Android).

Efficient architecture with fewer software and hardware components that substantially reduces possible breakdowns.

Operating system permanently evolved by Lanaccess. There is no risk of obsolescence by not relying on a 3rd party general purpose OS.

Hardware designed, assembled and tested in our facilities in Europe, with which we make sure to provide the highest quality

Very compact firmware with only necessary modules, makes image processing very efficient

Cold technology: very low electricity consumption means that they do not need to be cooled by a fan, which considerably reduces their consumption and breakdowns.

Recording hardware for any need


Allows you to combine analog and IP cameras. Ideal for gradual migration to IP technology

Up to 24 analog inputs and up to 20 IP.

Optional PoE + Switch.


Whatever the need, we can cover it with one of our lines:

HM: Without or with integrated PoE + switch with up to 20 inputs, it allows to have high density, modularity and scalability.

HM Pro: high-performance hardware, allows up to 28 inputs on your switch and up to 4 hot removable disks

HM Cluster: High-density NVR, with capacity for up to 250 video streams with different redundancy options.

HM CLUSTER: High-density recording solution

High capacity embedded network video recorder, which allows creating highly available, scalable and modular systems.

Offers triple redundancy:

  • CPU´s: Up to 5 independent, removable and balanceable CPU´s.
  • Disks: Up to 4 HD per CPU, up to 20 disk bays, hot-removable.
  • Power supply: redundant hot-pluggable.

Body of the recording devices

Featured features

Plug&Play Installation of Cameras

Thanks to the Integrated PoE + Switch and a powerful algorithm for the automatic detection and configuration of IP cameras.

  • Reduces installation errors, time and cost.
  • Increases the reliability of systems by facilitating network administration.
  • Guaranteeing a homogeneous equipment park.

Automatic network securing

The Integrated PoE + Switch allows to secure networks thanks to:

  • Unique IP for the recorder and IP cameras.
  • Cameras isolated from the network.
  • Creation of complex network architectures in a simple way (VLAN, Multicast, …).
  • Time and cost reduction. Reduction of errors.
  • Camera replacement detection.

Automatic Camera Reset

Its Integrated PoE + Swith also enables locked camera detection and automatic IP camera reset. Manual reset also possible.

  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Facilitates early detection of incidents.
  • Improves the perception of quality by the user.

Setup Wizard

It is carried out specifically for each client, and is accessible from the recorders’ web pages with the following objectives:

  • Reduces installation errors.
  • Reduces installation times.
  • Increases the reliability of the systems.
  • It guarantees a uniform equipment installation.

Proprietary File System

Sequential disc writing system specifically designed for video recording.

  • Optimizes the work of the discs and increases their useful life.
  • No prior formatting of disks is required in case of replacement. It allows hot-swap.
  • Only accessible from Lanaccess systems.

Dynamic Raid

Lanaccess has developed its own RAID solution, specially designed for video recording.

  • Simultaneous writing to only two disks, while the others rest,this way decreasing the probability of error.
  • The information that is most sensitive to failure (discs being written) is duplicated.
  • There is no disk rebuilding.

Mosaic Channel

Optional hardware module of the recorder to optimize the use of bandwidth when sending images. Ability to display a mosaic of cameras, analog and IP connected to the recorder in a single video stream.

  • No saturation of communication channels.
  • Quick view of the status or presence of people.
  • Manual switching of the entire mosaic to a particular camera in real time.
  • Forensics of recordings (recordings by cell movement).

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