The most powerful VMS solution on the market. You can have the entire CCTV system controlled: cameras, recorders, intercoms and any other devices that make up the solution.

With this comprehensive video surveillance management solution, people and property are more secure.

It allows you to react earlier and better, thanks to the automated proactivity of the system processes.

And all this in the most intuitive and user-friendly way.

Featured modules of our VMS solution

Central Station

It is the heart of the VMS, where operators have access to the main and most used functionalities.

  • Video in real time.
  • Viewing and downloading of recordings.
  • Interactive maps.
  • Security and technical alarm console.
  • Video wall control.
  • Intercom.

Control Panel

With this module, administrators can configure the VMS and parameterize it according to their requirements.

  • Equipment registration.
  • Editing and managing permissions and users.
  • Maintenance tasks scheduling.

System Status

The System Status allows to know in real time and in a simple way the state of the security devices.

Lanaccess offers several modules to display, monitor and alert of any incident in cameras, recorders, cabling or any other element of the CCTV system.

Download Server

Recordings download service that automates processes and allows downloading to servers so that performance is enhanced by balancing the load on different computers.

This process can be automated and planned through scheduled processes at times of low workloads for security personnel and when the network is less stressed.

Streaming Server

Video viewing for remote users with a limited bandwidth connection.

Video viewing by multiple operators without duplicating streams, preserving resources on low speed links.

Use cases:

  • Banks connected with police and other authorities.
  • Comprehensive management of city cameras (traffic, city hall offices, etc.).


The Lanaccess VMS App allows to access the visualization or recordings of the CCTV system anytime and anywhere from a Tablet or smartphone in a cybersecure way.


System open to the integration of new devices that give added value to our customers.

  • IP cameras.
  • IP video intercoms.
  • Automatic doors (via IP).
  • IP speakers.
  • POS system (Points of sale) and ATMs.
  • IP input and output modules.
  • Infrared IP spotlights.
  • We also have SDK (standard protocols) to integrate our solutions in third-party platforms
May 2022