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Smart Touch Panel

Multi-monitor viewing system for multi-monitor video with scalable architecture:

  • 1 central management unit (PoE switch optional).
  • 1 decoder unit per monitor.

Manageable on ONVIF display:

  • 1 HDMI video output (720p and 1080p).
  • Integration with Lanaccess equipment, ONVIF cameras, VAPIX and RTSP.
  • Managing quadrants – mosaics.
  • Up to 25 images simultaneously and rounds.
  • Real-time video and recordings.
  • 3 USB ports for mouse and to download recordings to memory stick.
  • Can be set up with mouse, remote control or remotely online.

10” PoE touch screen to monitor and manage IP cameras and recording devices without a full computer

  • Easy installation with plug-and-play on the recording device (as if it were an IP camera).
  • System with audio applications.
  • Integrated with IP video intercom (takes calls and monitors contact output).