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The world is an increasingly insecure place and for this reason companies are investing more and more in security. According to INFORMA’s DBK Sector Observatory , security companies reached a business volume in Spain of 4,855 million euros in 2019 , a figure that represents a growth of 4% compared to the data of the previous period.

Of the total business volume invested in security, the activity of installation, maintenance and connection to CRA of electronic systems stood at 1,830 million euros, a figure that represents a 6.3% growth compared to 2018. This shows that each More and more organizations are investing in smart security solutions .

In this scenario, we have to tell you that the professional video surveillance of your company needs to be smarter and it can be thanks to LANACCESS .

LANACCESS video surveillance solution is smart

The solution has advanced features that allow to automate processes and avoid routine configurations, serve high quality in HW and SW, and quickly install and maintain the device .

In addition, the video recorder installs the cameras via plug and play, making it possible for the cameras to be parameterized and managed on a massive scale .

It is a suitable solution for different sectors, but especially for the banking sector and for critical infrastructures . With LANACCESS, Spanish banks already have the video surveillance of the future .

The LANACCESS video surveillance solution has the best elements for companies, institutions or banks

These are the main devices and modules included in the solution:

  • Video recorder . They are devices with embedded technology manufactured in Spain that are in charge of managing, controlling and securing the entire video surveillance system of the bank branch and communicating with the central server.
  • Central station . It is the control center and the heart of the VMS that configures all the facilities of a bank and that works with a platform that includes the management of action plans, supervision rounds, etc. and that offers access to the main functionalities : video in real time, viewing, downloading and exporting of recordings, interactive maps, security alarm console, video wall control and intercom.
  • State of the park . It is used to know in real time and in a simple way the status of the security devices through different tools: Web Report, Supervisor and alarm manager.
  • Advanced modules. The solution includes intelligent modules such as a module for facial detection very useful to search for people in cases of intrusion or solutions to know the influx of customers to stores or bank branches. In addition, it offers a smart monitor and a smart touch panel to view the entire video surveillance system without having a PC or a video wall to centrally manage multiple monitors.

The professional video surveillance solution for companies from LANACCESS allows you to take the security of your company to a higher level .

The security of the professional video surveillance solution for companies LANACCESS

The LANACCESS solution has embedded technology and is very robust . With the PoE + switch technology integrated in the video recorder, which we call PoE CCTV Switch, it facilitates the Plug & Play connection of the IP cameras and protects both the corporate network and the camera network, detects the spoofing of IP cameras and restarts automatically or manual cameras that hang.

VCRs are not exposed to the massive cyber attacks that affect Windows and Linux systems by having their own operating system .

From the physical point of view, they are very resistant and are able to withstand adverse temperature conditions or to automatically reset themselves after suffering power cuts, among other functionalities.

More and more investment is being made in security and electronic security systems, but neither offers the guarantees of our video surveillance solution.

LANACCESS offers a smart, secure and cost-effective professional video surveillance solution for companies so that they can take advantage of technological advances and increase security to the maximum.