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The Spanish banking entities included in this group, banks, savings banks and cooperatives, lost more than 1,245,514 euros in 2020 due to robberies, robberies and robberies at ATMs , as published by the Spanish Banking Association (AEB) in a report with the main data on robberies, robberies and robberies at ATMs that occurred in banks in 2020.

By type of criminal actions, the robberies made banks and credit institutions lose 289,284 euros; the thefts, 718,931 euros; and robberies from ATMs, 237,299 euros.

In total, last year there were 171 criminal actions in Spain , of which 50 were robberies, 92 were robberies and 29 were robberies from ATMs.

These data show how it is still important to invest in security .

In addition, the report shows that many of the banking entities that suffered one of these criminal acts did not have the demanding security measures.

Security measures in entities with criminal actions in Spain

Of the total number of banks that suffered a robbery, 45 had an intercom, but only four had a double-door lock and only one had a metal detector arch.

Regarding the recording of images, all had recorded images and most had CCTV cameras installed at the entrance and other interiors. In total, 121 cameras. A minority (only two cameras) had only cameras at the entrance.

Regarding mandatory safety measures , 45 had a dispenser and a recycler and 5 had none.

Most of the robberies (37) were reported through the manual activation of the alarm, only four were reported by the automatic activation of the alarm and 10 were reported by a post-robbery call.

Our solution is key to guarantee the safety of Spanish banks and their clients and to avoid large losses of money such as the million euros that the entities saw compromised in the crimes of 2020.

However, it is not only important to invest in security for economic reasons, but because betting on security is investing in the reputation of the brand.

In addition, one of the priorities of banks is the safety of workers and employees and that is why having advanced video surveillance solutions has a deterrent power against these events.

Although cyber risk is increasing, physical vigilance should not be neglected.

LANACCESS guarantees maximum security for banking entities

Our VCRs are perfect for banks because they offer a lot of security for both employees and customers.

1. Maximum robustness

They are very robust and reliable , since they are manufactured based on an embedded architecture (not PC) and because they can resist better, due to their reliability, very harsh situations such as extreme temperatures.

2. Low cyber risk

They are very resistant on the outside and also on the inside , since they incorporate their own operating system that reduces the exposure to general attacks on Windows and Linux systems.

3. Centralized remote video surveillance control

Its remote recording and surveillance capacity is very useful for banks with many offices spread over a large territory.

Remote video surveillance system management is agile and effective so that all alerts can be controlled quickly and easily from a single point.

4. Maximum security of the cameras

The connection of the IP cameras to the video recorder is safe , since it uses an internal switch with Plug & Play connection that provides the maximum possible protection.

If you want your bank to increase the security of its headquarters, you must implement our video surveillance system. LANACCESS provides banking organizations with the video surveillance solution they need to better safeguard their customers’ savings .

May 2022