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NVRs, included in the most advanced video surveillance systems, are the most used option by companies that want flexible and scalable real-time remote surveillance without compromising quality. They are systems that can be used in a wide variety of installations in different sectors and, specifically, in installations in the energy sector.

Precisely, companies in this sector have very varied facilities that require video surveillance solutions with advanced video recorders that adapt to each case and that have the specific characteristics they need.

How must the video recorders be demanded by the energy sector?

Organizations in the energy sector mainly have small and large installations that require NVRs with specific properties in each case:

1.- Robustness. When installations are often located in remote locations exposed to extreme temperatures, they need video recorders that are equipped with highly durable hardware and software.

2.- Good connectivity. Many companies in the sector have facilities in places with limited bandwidth and need video recorders that are capable of managing the communication bandwidth to optimize performance or that allow redundant communications with a 4G router.

3.- High capacity: Large companies in the sector tend to have large facilities and corporate buildings with CPDs where bandwidth or weather conditions do not pose any problem, but which require high capacity video recorders to create a modular system, with a high availability and scalability.

4.- Maximum security: Companies in the energy sector cannot afford equipment that can be easily sabotaged and they need secure devices that allow any intruder who approaches the facilities with malicious intent to be located at the moment.

5.- With analytics integrated into the video recorder itself . Having integrated Deep Learning analytics to, for example, perform perimeter protection tasks is essential to have secure facilities, the fact that the algorithms are based on Deep Learning means that false alarms are drastically reduced.

You will find all these features and more in Lanaccess video recorders .

The VCRs that the energy sector needs

Our video recorders are perfect for demanding companies such as those in the energy sector that need very robust equipment, with a high capacity and with good connectivity.

They demand NVRs with advanced differential functionalities in the industry such as the PoE + CCTV Switch. A solution that allows you to restart cameras, maximize the security of all the cameras that are connected to the video recorder or integrate a SIM router to offer high connectivity anywhere.

1.- Cybersecurity video recorders

 PoE + CCTV Switch is a key tool to keep equipment safe, as it is capable of fully isolating IP cameras from the corporate network and automatically monitoring device connection to detect if a camera has been replaced by another device and block the port without human intervention.

In addition, our devices are capable of detecting DDoS denial of service attacks and have their own operating system that protects them from viruses that affect Windows and Linux.

2.- Robust and reliable video recorders

 Beyond cybersecurity, our video recorders are ideal for companies in the energy sector with installations in remote locations and exposed to extreme weather conditions.

They are devices made by our own team to optimize manufacturing and promote greater durability. Our NVRs   suffer fewer breakdowns and lower maintenance costs.

In addition, they are devices with advanced fanless technology that offer less heat dissipation, which favors a longer duration of the same.

They are devices with specific hardware that makes them more resistant and with firmware designed to increase their useful life such as their own sequential writing, among other characteristics.

Lanaccess has advanced video surveillance solutions that include state-of-the-art video recorders specially designed for companies in the energy sector.

May 2022