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Today, companies have to face many challenges. One of the biggest challenges they face is security .

COVID-19 has multiplied the demand for online services to be able to maintain activity. An increase in cloud workloads that has increased the profitability of cyberattacks and fueled the proliferation of cyberattacks.

To meet these challenges, companies would need expert video surveillance system providers who are capable of maximizing business security.

In this context, service providers have to listen well to companies in order to offer them the best solution .

Our priority, knowing the client

We actively listen to our clients to get to know them well and to be able to provide them with the solution that best suits their needs.

In a first stage, we know your priorities and the challenges you have to overcome , as well as your main challenge, to become your best ally to overcome the challenges and complexity in which businesses find themselves today.

We are the best accompaniment for a complex world

In an interconnected world like the current one, the use of isolated technologies does not make sense.

To overcome the security challenges in this scenario, a more integrated perspective of security must be implemented .

Security integration is an asset today that must be exploited, but it also has its vulnerabilities if it is not properly addressed.

To avoid any incident, the formula for success is to add cybersecurity to the integration .

We help companies with integration and cybersecurity

It is in its DNA for LANACCESS to think about the integration of solutions, since it has focused exclusively on this sector, in the design and manufacture of VMS and video recorders for more than 20 years.

For this reason, we are the best ally to obtain this more integrated vision of security and thus, to be able to guarantee it also in the information in the digital environment .

Our Open + Closed security architecture is the best solution

Our unique security architecture brings many benefits to companies that implement it and responds to all their challenges in this area.

One of the most prominent benefits it offers is that it eliminates cyber back doors that may be found in OEM devices .

We have adapted throughout our 20 years of history to offer the solution that best meets the needs of our customers.

Together we overcome security challenges with a secure platform

We provide a secure video surveillance system for companies  as robust as to satisfy the needs of the most demanding companies (banks, retail, etc.), but within the reach of other organizations.

We use our knowledge in security for banking entities to make sure that all companies can benefit from the security that today’s world demands.

If you are interested in our solution, you must trust us. LANACCESS provides companies with the  best video surveillance system in an environment with a high demand for security such as the current one.


May 2022