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Technology has entered our lives so naturally that no one remembers how security guards did it without cameras to guarantee maximum protection of a space. In fact, the security industry has evolved a lot in recent years. The new surveillance technologies marked a before and after and these have continued to impact the sector until today.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing and cybersecurity are some examples of trends that have driven the field of video surveillance to new roads that have brought many benefits to businesses.

What are the pillars of the evolution of video surveillance?

These are the main trends that are catapulting the sector towards new horizons:

1.- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As AI is incorporated into security systems , cameras will offer new features to users. Surveillance cameras already exist that are capable of accurately counting people or reorienting themselves based on changes in the scene, among other examples.

2.- Cybersecurity

To the extent that devices multiply with the emergence of the IoT, the more likely a company will suffer an attack, since the attack surface also multiplies. In this context, cybersecurity  and all technological solutions aimed at protecting an organization from threats will become increasingly important.

3.- Cloud Computing

As the video surveillance sector evolves towards solutions that go beyond the supervision of spaces, Cloud Computing will gain importance. It will become increasingly important to have accessible cloud-based servers with a large capacity for data storage and analysis.

4.- Data protection

The technology that enables video surveillance solutions will increasingly ensure the protection of user privacy. Society is evolving towards greater protection of people’s private data and technology has to serve to preserve this right of citizens.

5.- Custom solutions for Industry 4.0 and vertical markets

The fourth industrial revolution represents a new challenge for the video surveillance industry to offer technological solutions that meet the needs of companies and institutions that have started a digital transformation process.

The video surveillance industry will have to respond with smart technology to the problems presented by factories, smart cities and transport and retail organizations.

6.- Edge Computing to increase speed and efficiency

The Edge Computing will influence video surveillance systems in the coming years to reduce processing time and increase efficiency. All the advantages that it will bring to companies will help this technology be increasingly taken into account by companies, along with the cloud and on-premise storage, among others.

All these trends indicate that the video surveillance industry is dynamic and that it is constantly implementing new technologies that allow increasing the performance of the company’s security systems.

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May 2022