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In recent years, digital data has become increasingly important. So much so that many companies already base their business model solely and exclusively on third-party data.

Today’s data boom requires advanced storage systems that must be secure and reliable .

The video surveillance industry also handles large amounts of relevant data and for this reason it needs hard drives that guarantee maximum security , but also advanced technology that treats hard drives better and extends their lifespan.

LANACCESS takes care of the hard drives of our video recorders with its own advanced sequential writing technology designed exclusively for video surveillance tasks, as well as an exclusive RAID solution from our company.

What does LANACCESS own writing consist of?

Our recorders use a sequential disk writing system designed exclusively for video recording that provides several advantages:

1. Increase shelf life. It optimizes the work of the disks to increase the life of the disks.

2. No previous formatting. In case of replacing the disks, it is not necessary to format them and it allows hot-swap.

3. Limited to LANACCESS systems. This ensures that the disks will be treated properly to ensure their duration and guarantee their useful life, and the information on the hard drive will only be accessible from our company’s systems.

What is the RAID system and what advantages does it offer?

RAID is a data storage system that is based on different hard drives where the information is distributed and replicated . Standard RAID solutions are not intended for the video surveillance industry, which is why LANACCESS has developed its own solutions.

Its main purpose is to protect stored data in the event of a disk failure . It is also intended to improve the reading speed of the different disks that make up a single volume.

The own RAID solutions LANACCESS allow operations input and output I / O function in a balanced way and increase disk performance. These are presented in LANACCESS’s own Operating System (OS) as if they were a single logical disk.

This system provides several benefits if we comparte with the standard systems of our competitors.

The benefits offered by this technology are:

  • Greater integrity. This system increases the durability of storage devices.
  • Greater fault tolerance. Fault tolerance refers to the ability of devices to continue operating when one of their components experiences a failure.
  • Higher transfer rate. When the transfer rate is high, the greater impact will be on the performance of the hard drives.
  • Greater capacity. This system increases the power of storage devices.

In this section we observe two images that make a comparison between LANACCESS RAID solutions versus those used by other video recorders:

What does the LANACCESS RAID solution offer?

This solution provides, mainly, two advantages:

1. Decrease the probability of error

Writing simultaneously to only two disks and keeping the rest inactive reduces the error rate to the maximum.

2. Duplicate information

Failure-sensitive information on writable disk is duplicated to prevent any valuable business data from being lost.

These characteristics make our recorders perfect for companies and institutions with a high demand for rugged and reliable devices.

If you are interested in an innovative solution with quality storage , you must trust us. LANACCESS is the best video surveillance solution to fully protect the single hard drives for our video recorders and guarantee the security of stored information.

June 2022