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The solutions advanced videovideogilancia are increasingly demanded by businesses. This trend can be seen in the evolution of the market for technological solutions of this type. According to Markets and Markets, the global video surveillance market will grow from $ 45.5 billion to $ 74.6 billion by 2025 .

However, not all video surveillance solutions bring the same benefits to companies.

LANACCESS is an advanced solution with embedded video surveillance technology that offers many benefits in a variety of use cases.

What are the main use cases for LANACCESS embedded technology?

The video recorder is perfect for a large number of situations, as well as to control surveillance in banks, health centers, etc. The main use cases for this solution are:

Overcome extreme temperatures

Our video recorders are perfect for use in places with extreme weather conditions such as banks.

In some cases, they have put one of our video recorders in a safe , since they withstand heat very well, thanks to their high resistance.

Resist blows and inclement weather

Our video recording solutions are very robust, withstand shocks and the most extreme situations very well, so they are perfect for ensuring the safety of recordings.

Automatically reset the system despite occasional power outages

VCRs guarantee their operation at all times, even when there is a power failure. By not relying on Windows, VCRs do not lock up when they have suffered a one-off power outage .

In this way, no one will have to travel to the facility to restore the video surveillance service.

As we have already said, they do not have the Windows system and, therefore, are not exposed to its vulnerabilities, nor does the hardware become obsolete due to an update to the operating system that is incompatible with it.

Stay active despite maintenance tasks

Our video recorders do not interrupt the recording during maintenance or cleaning tasks. They include their own failover system that automatically takes care of keeping the recording despite these jobs.

This system is capable of keeping the recording of 3,000 cameras and allowing them to work for years like the first day .

Reorient the recording to focus on sudden incidents

The state-of-the-art technology in our video recorders offers added value to the healthcare sector. Thanks to their ability to interact with the alarm panels, our video recorders can automatically position the dome cameras towards the location of the incident .

In this way, the cameras will never stop recording an important event due to being incorrectly oriented.

Keep the equipment always working

LANACCESS video recorders have “watchdogs” (supervisors) , both software and hardware, which prevent a device from becoming inoperative , and if this happens, alarms are automatically sent to inform users of this situation.

In addition, you can find more information in the following article , written by our Business Development Manager and Professor at Pompeu Fabra University, Xavier Oliva Galván .

As you have seen, LANACCESS offers advantages and excellent results in a wide variety of use cases . Also in your company. In addition, you can also benefit from the best video surveillance solution with embedded technology , so that your company can be competitive and advance your competition in the market.