Video recorders with LAVA ANALYTICS technology for advanced video surveillance systems
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Tired of not finding out in time about a suspicious event that has resulted in large financial losses? Now companies respond faster to incidents, enhancing their video surveillance systems with video analytics .

Companies are increasingly demanding advanced video surveillance systems with the latest technology to obtain real-time video analysis and thus be able to optimize their video surveillance systems . The human eye is limited and needs to rely on computer systems with greater capacity.

In video surveillance every second is money and taking a long time to report a suspicious event to the emergency system can have a very negative impact on the company.

Take advantage of video analytics to improve your video surveillance system

Companies are increasingly using video analytics to improve video surveillance systems .

For this, they benefit from the most advanced recording equipment that includes specific technology to obtain valuable information to send in real time to the alert systems.

The systems use advanced video surveillance Lanaccess LAVA ANALYTICS , an advanced technology that takes full advantage of video analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide the information they need security systems companies.

What does Lanaccess LAVA ANALYTICS technology offer?

The LAVA ANALYTICS (technology Lanaccess Video Analyticsdedicated hardware provides video and algorithms based on neural networks to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) to any video surveillance system.

1. Video analytics with AI

The solution includes equipment and applications (hardware and software) for intelligent video analytics developed entirely by Lanaccess, designed to operate efficiently, safely and with high reliability .

It is based on neural networks (Deep Learning) that offer real-time information about the events that the cameras are recording so that companies can make better decisions.

Thanks to this technology, companies can obtain valuable information from the images captured by video recorders.

2. Greater visibility

This feature is very useful for increasing the visibility of companies’ security systems and locating more suspicious events.

From a web interface, the security manager can view the result of the analysis (tagged video in real time), thus check its status and make sure that the video analytics is working perfectly.

3. More efficiency

LAVA ANALYTICS technology, exclusive to Lanaccess, is a demonstration that the use of advanced technology is key for organizations to improve their efficiency.

With the introduction of this Lanaccess analytics module , companies can detect incidents better and faster.

If you want your company to benefit from these advanced features that we offer you exclusively, you can rely on our analytics module to improve your video surveillance system .

Lanaccess provides companies with LAVA ANALYTICS technology for advanced video surveillance systems , so that they can take advantage of the benefits of video analytics and digital transformation.

June 2022