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The professionals of LANACCESS, a technology company with a long history of more than 20 years in the market, are willing to bring the most advanced technologies, such  as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning or video analytics, to the new generations of computer scientists who are training in prestigious universities.

Bringing students closer to new ways of doing things shortens the distance between university and work, which in a few months. will already develop.

From LANACCESS we collaborate, as far as possible, with educational institutions.

Based on this premise, one of our IT developers, Thomas Vidal, participated in a seminar at Bangor University in Wales to discuss the development of video analytics solutions .

Highlights from Thomas Vidal’s Session on Video Analytics Solutions

Thomas Vidal , C ++ Developer at LANACCESS, focused his talk on his functions in our company, which revolve around the development of video solutions.

He also spoke about his professional career and how he got involved in Computer Vision. One of the key issues he discussed is what makes you a good developer (C ++), and he stressed that the keys to being one are rigor, an open mind and always being prepared to learn new things and the most advanced technologies such as Intelligence. Artificial, Deep Learning or video analytics.

Vidal also presented all the development tools he uses on a daily basis, many of which are also used in the Machine Vision module at Bangor University .

He ended his talk with demonstrations of solutions that he has contributed to at LANACCESS, such as counting people on the platform at metro stations to adjust the frequency of trains and detecting loitering near bank branch ATMs to prevent robberies and attacks.

The professor of the Computer Vision module, Dr. Franck Vidal, has valued the conference of the LANACCESS analyst, Thomas Vidal, as “a great experience for the students” and has highlighted that, thanks to this talk, the students have been able to discover real, theory-based applications that they had seen during the module that has helped them bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Regarding the contents of the session, Dr. Franck Vidal liked that many of the tools mentioned by the speaker had already been used in the laboratories.

He also highlighted that the speaker reinforced the message that developers not only cut code, but that one of the key aspects of their work is learning new things as technology evolves.

In addition to the teacher of the module, other students have valued the talk of the LANACCESS developer and have described it as “attractive and inspiring” and that it has served as an “incentive to learn more” on the subject and that it has offered a “realistic vision” of what it is like to work in the field of computer vision or Artificial Vision.

LANACCESS is committed to the dissemination and training of computer scientists and to weaving synergies between the academic and work world , keys to building an intelligent society based on knowledge.

May 2022