Why are you interested in our HM Cluster IP recorders?
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Today, companies demand to simplify processes and make products and services more flexible to adapt them to the needs of the present. A need that, in the field of video surveillance, is covered with solutions such as LANACCESS.

According to Market Research Future, the global IP video surveillance market expects to grow to $ 25.46 billion by 2023 . A figure that represents a growth that is due to the fact that organizations like yours are investing in security and see that investing in security is essential for their organization to grow.

Organizations are increasingly implementing IP video surveillance solutions and the most secure organizations are opting to use advanced recorders such as HM Cluster recorders, offered by LANACCESS .

What are the main features of the HM Cluster recorders?

HM Cluster is , as its name suggests, a Cluster of IP recorders with very high fault tolerance that has the following technical characteristics:

  • Supports recording, viewing and transmission of up to 250 IP cameras (video and audio).
  • Cluster of up to 5 hot removable processors .
  • Up to 20 hot-removable hard drives , configurable as “mirror” (RAID1), dynamic RAID or as added capacity.
  • 19 ” 2U or 4U industrial rack .
  • Redundant power supply.
  • Supports multiple manufacturers of IP cameras and protocols: H264, H265, ONVIF (Profile S), VAPIX (AXIS), RTSP and megapixel.
  • Support for IP cameras of all resolutions including panamorphic, fisheye and multi-optical.
  • ONVIF profile G video recorder and support for profile S and T cameras.
  • NVR configuration for high fault tolerance, balanced or high availability to ensure the availability of recordings.
  • Low consumption.
  • Certifiable grade 3 and grade 4 , according to European safety standards (UNE 62676).
  • Configurable : multicast, unicast or unicast multisession transmission.
  • Image quality optimized for recording and transmission, management of multiple streams per camera.
  • Alarm inputs and outputs.
  • Wizards by web interface for quick and very simple configuration.
  • SDK for integration available.

The LANACCESS recorders introduce industrial technology embedded (embedded) to the world of high – density NVRs.

Why are you interested in our embedded technology recorders?

The embedded technology is a computer system designed specifically to perform one or a few dedicated functions, unlike personal computers (PC), which are created to meet many needs.

Typically, embedded systems perform these specific functions in a real-time computing system. In this way, companies that implement this technology can benefit from a product that better meets their needs in addition to taking advantage of other associated advantages.

The embedded HM Industrial Cluster technology is highly reliable and provides great energy savings and ease of maintenance , without sacrificing high storage density or redundancy of components other solutions NVR hardware – based PC.

All these technical characteristics make LANACCESS recorders the best solution for companies in a wide variety of sectors: banking, railways, highways, casinos, hospitals, factories, museums, prisons, gas pipelines, shops, airports or ports.

If you are interested in our recorders and want to implement them in your company’s video surveillance system , you should contact us. From LANACCESS you can get the best solution so that organizations can benefit from Digital Transformation and improve the security of their business to the maximum.

May 2022