Why do you need to implement a smart video recording system?

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The security industry is transforming with the emergence of smart video surveillance solutions. Beyond recorded images, companies increasingly demand devices that obtain valuable data for business development. In this context, companies are increasingly considering implementing intelligent video recording systems .

What are smart video recording systems based on?

Intelligent video recording systems are solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the use of algorithms derived from Big Data capable of offering information in real time and prospects for the future.

These solutions use software with advanced capabilities that enables data analysis.

Companies in any sector are increasingly implementing these systems for all the advantages they provide.

The advantages of implementing intelligent video systems

Discover the most outstanding benefits offered by these fundamental solutions to overcome today’s challenges:

1.- Distributed intelligence. Reviewing the entire recording of a video recording system is an unattainable task and impossible to achieve in today’s surveillance departments. To overcome this challenge, there are video recorders with distributed intelligence capable of detecting specific events, diverse activities or certain behaviors automatically through the recognition of movement patterns and sending an alert to the guards for their review.

2.- Remote supervision. By being constantly connected to the internet, security teams can monitor images from anywhere. This is key to increasing operator productivity and centralizing security for different sites in one place.

3.- Additional functionalities such as people counting. Intelligent video recording systems go one step further than conventional solutions and allow many more functions to be performed than the mere fact of controlling and monitoring a space. They can also count people to detect if a capacity is met or show the influx to a space by time slots.

So that your organization can benefit from all these advantages, you can implement our Lanaccess video recording system.

Why implement the Lanaccess video recording system?

Our solution features embedded technology-based recorders that include unique features that offer companies the following competitive advantages:

1.- Greater security. Our recorders have a lower risk of attack thanks to the proprietary embedded system. By not having general-purpose OS such as Windows, Linux or Android, they are less exposed to the most common attacks suffered by devices with these operating systems.

2.- More efficient architecture. Lanaccess recording devices do not have as many hardware and software components, which greatly reduces the number of breakdowns. As the manufacturing is simpler, the system works without as many complications and, consequently, the recorder is less damaged.

3.- Absence of obsolescence . Many devices that perfectly fulfill the function in charge, have to be replaced because they no longer support the new version of the operating system. This does not happen with our recorders, since the hardware does not depend on third-party OS.

If you are looking for a system that is really effective, you have at your disposal our video recording system.

Lanaccess offers you the best advanced video surveillance solution so that your organization can take advantage of the advantages of Digital Transformation.