Why does your company need an AI occupancy control technology like LAVA-DENSITY?
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Analytics has become an essential tool for companies to obtain valuable information that allows managers to make better decisions. For this reason, more and more companies are implementing solutions that have this functionality, such as advanced video surveillance systems.

The difference between a surveillance system without analytics and one with this technology is abysmal. While the former are limited to taking images without further ado, the latter interpret the images and are capable of sending alerts based on what the cameras capture.

At Lanaccess, our video surveillance solutions incorporate advanced algorithms that facilitate the work of security managers such as LAVA-DENSITY , based on Deep Learning algorithms.

What is LAVA-DENSITY capacity control technology and how does it work?

LAVA-DENSITY is the exclusive technology of the Lanaccess video surveillance solution that allows our system to control the occupation of a space and offers many advantages to companies with respect to traditional analytics such as reducing alarms or the need for calibrations.

The main objective of the analytics is the following: to examine the number of people in the camera’s viewing area through a model specifically trained to estimate the level of occupancy density of any space, located within a building. Or outside.

In addition, the system is prepared to configure classification thresholds based on the number of people at the scene. In this way, depending on the occupation, the system labels in three gradations: low, medium or high occupation.

To all this, the ability of this analytic to configure the density thresholds and to send alarms in real time when they are exceeded helps the security guard to activate surveillance processes, evaluate the situation or temporarily prohibit the passage of individuals in a specific area.

To make your work even easier, the alarms that the system sends to the control center include a photo of the scene. In this way, the operator has more elements to decide the best solution to the problem that arises.

But the benefits offered by this occupancy control system go beyond these aspects.

The advantages of the LAVA-DENSITY capacity control system

These are the main benefits offered to companies by this exclusive Lanaccess solution with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology :

1.- Greater security for users who attend an event

Security officers can better control people attending a mass event such as a concert, act faster in high crowds, and minimize stampede risks.

2.- Detection of artifacts or suspicious people

The cameras that include this analytics are not only capable of discerning when there are many or few people in a space, but they also have the ability to detect any suspicious artifact or person who is in a space and make a movement that raises doubts.

3.- Improvement of research and marketing work

Beyond security, Lanaccess’s exclusive occupancy detection algorithm, based on Deep Learning technology , is very useful for market research and marketing departments to know the number of people visiting a specific location and the time slots that are more crowded. In commercial establishments this information can be very useful to know when the service needs to be reinforced or the times of the day when the staff is not so necessary.

Lanaccess provides organizations with the exclusive LAVA-DENSITY technology, based on AI, so that they can have an advanced video surveillance solution that allows them to take advantage of the advantages of digital transformation and be more competitive.

May 2022