Why is our video surveillance solution ideal for the energy sector?
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The energy sector is of vital importance to today’s society and ensuring the safety of its facilities is key to the proper development of the world and its economies. To protect plants and maximize security, companies are increasingly implementing advanced video surveillance solutions with analytical capabilities .

Large installations in the sector such as nuclear power plants, photovoltaic plants, windmill parks and hydroelectric power plants need to have smart video surveillance solutions that allow controlling the most dangerous areas and, in turn, preserve the physical integrity of security guards. security.

What do companies in the energy sector need?

Companies operating in the market implement advanced video surveillance systems to meet the following needs:

1.- Detect unusual activity and notify it immediately

Companies in the energy sector demand solutions that are not only capable of locating an incident in real time, but that can send a notification to security operators at the moment. In this way, you can make the best decision to solve the problem as soon as possible.

2.- Automate alarms

As the facilities are complex and a security operator cannot control all the spaces at the same time, the energy sector needs advanced video surveillance systems that allow the automation of security policies and provide invaluable support to take the most appropriate measures.

3.- Perform smart tasks without human intervention

Companies in the energy sector are crying out for technology solutions that help security operators improve their performance with smart tasks. Advanced video surveillance systems with specific algorithms that allow detection of intruders or manipulation and movement indoors and outdoors or detection of any product abandoned in a specific area.

4.- Remotely manage cameras in different locations

In the energy sector, companies have facilities in different geographical points and to optimize security costs they need to have advanced video surveillance solutions that allow the administration of all cameras from a central point located hundreds of meters away.

5.- Operate flexibly

In this market, organizations have different facilities distributed throughout the territory and these are diverse in terms of their size.

In this context, companies need advanced solutions that adapt to the different places they operate, whether they are small installations without data centers or very large installations.

To meet these needs, companies in the energy sector need advanced video surveillance solutions with intelligent analytics such as those offered by Lanaccess.

How do our solutions meet the needs of the energy sector?

Our advanced video surveillance solution is perfect for companies in the energy sector for the following reasons:

1.- LAVA-PROTECT advanced analytics

Our solution has an analytics that allows the detection of intrusion in different areas and detection of people in specific areas previously configured.

In addition, it offers other advanced functions such as loitering or directional line crossing.

While the first function allows you to set a minimum time for a person to hang around an area to trigger an alarm, the second function allows you to draw lines as well as zones. Some lines that can be bidirectional to activate an alarm when someone crosses the line in any direction or directional to activate the alarm when someone crosses the line in the defined direction.

2.- Remote management of multiple cameras in different locations

Our video surveillance system is capable of controlling security cameras hundreds of meters away from physical facilities.

In addition, it allows to view the recordings in real time so that the security operator can monitor a specific area whenever he wants.

3.- Adaptation to any installation

Our video surveillance solutions can be implemented in any installation of a company in the energy sector. They do not have restrictions nor are they limited to a space with certain characteristics.

Our security systems can be implemented in both small and large facilities.

Lanaccess offers companies in the energy sector advanced video surveillance solutions so that they can meet their security demands.

May 2022